Rest In Peace Cass Paley

Cass Paley

We are saddened to hear about the passing of Cass Paley on Wednesday. We have lost another loved industry-talented director and contributor.
AVN Hall of Fame director died at age 72, after being on life support for a week. Cass Paley has made some notable contributions to the adult Industry. He will be more likely best known for the documentary Porndemic.

Tom Byron’s best acting role was in this documentary Porndemic. He is unforgettable as he broke down in an extreme histrionic moment, faked meltdowns. He cried and tried to keep a straight face, about not knowing his then-roommate and partner Marc Wallace  knowingly infected with AIDS and continued to shoot porn. Marc Wallace caused absolute industry pandemic and chaos. This documentary is an absolute must-see. Check Netflix


A Cass Paley documentary 

Beloved in our industry, he had over 182 titles under his name and was one of the most prolific directors of his time. He is remembered for his jokes, laughs, and upbeat personality among our staff.

Cass you will be missed. Thank you


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Rest In Peace Cass Paley

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