PVR IRIS – A VR Headset with a lot of content

In the last few years, Virtual Reality has been taking over most of the searched adult movies online and many platforms are offering VR categories where people can watch trailers and parts of VR movies.

When it comes to watching adult content in Virtual Reality, users must be in possession of a VR Headset. This device allows consumers to immerse themselves into a fantasy world where they interact with their favorite porn stars and to engage with them on a much higher level than watching a normal porn video.

But, how to choose the right headset?

Expensive and top of the line headsets such as the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PSVR work perfectly to watch adult content, they are originally made for fanatic video gamers who have a lot of time to spend in playing. Those headsets can cost above $400 and for some people it might not be the best option because it would put a dent on their bank account, or they simply don’t want to make such a big investment. On the other hand, much cheaper headsets that cost under $100 are made with low-quality materials, they don’t last and mostly they have a bad streaming quality that will leave a bad taste in people’s mouth especially if they try VR porn for the first time.

A new VR headset that recently joined the market is the IRIS VR Headset by PVRmall.com. This headset is designed to work just for adult movies, it weighs approximately 1 pound, it’s made with robust materials, it’s very comfortable to wear but mostly it generates such a good streaming quality that it doesn’t fall behind any of the leading VR headsets. It just needs to be connected to the WIFI and it’s ready to be used, no mobile phone needed. The device is priced at $199 so it’s not prohibitive.

This headset also gives free access with tons of content to their partner site PVR.fun, a huge library of VR content that gets updated on a weekly basis. This is actually a very good perk because it allows consumers to save some funds when it comes to purchasing VR subscriptions from the major VR porn studios out there.

When it comes to watching adult content, entertainment is a key factor. The IRIS headset is designed to put a smile on people’s face and to make them have fun. We had a lot of fun with this piece of technology and we can certainly tell you that if you are looking for something new and exciting then this is the way to go.

Check it out today! You will love what you see.


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PVR IRIS – A VR Headset with a lot of content

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