Petter Hegre Acquires The Playboy Mansion

Found this little nugget on Facebook today.

Hefner Out, Hegre In! You heard it here first – Petter Hegre has taken over the #Playboy Mansion. After months of negotiation, Petter has just sealed the deal of the century.The Bunny House is his, and soon it will be overflowing with Hegre Girls! Join us NOW at 50% off and celebrate Petter’s new home! — at Playboy Mansion.

Never heard of Don’t worry me either. But apparently, they are an industry giant and the number one ranked nude site in the world.

Of course when I hear that my mind immediately goes to that Rick and Morty episode ….


Still if what he says is true, he did just get his hands on the now infamous Playboy mansion and seems to plan on shooting there so that might be rather interesting. Let’s just hope he gives the place a good clean up before taking up residence.


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Petter Hegre Acquires The Playboy Mansion

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