Ouch! calling out Art Koch

Roger Pipe wrote an interesting rant on Facebook yesterday.

I have been in this business 20 years and I love women as much as anyone.

Performers are professionals. Yes, things often get flirty and far more sexualized than in an office job, but there are lines. No means No. Performers are not there to be used or groped.

I have never expected or even asked for sexual favors in exchange for publicity, good write-ups, votes…anything.

Because I am a professional. I take my shit seriously. I take their shit seriously.

Will I happily accept sexy pix to put on the site? Of course. Will I flirt back? Absolutely. Would I accept something naughty on the side just because? Depends. I will have to let you know the first time someone offers.

Bottom line is that we live and work in an industry where lines can easily be blurred. Unless you refuse to let them. No means no. In porn as in life. Women and men are to be respected even in a world where they are selling their sexual prowess and are intentionally arousing the audience.

Again, this is really easy if we all just focus on not being so fucking awful to each other.

Now I’ll just climb off of my soapbox and get back to waiting for those blowjob offers.

Art Koch: Well said Rog…..I’ve been in this business over 25 years and have always maintained a totally professional attitude in the company of the porn stars we deal with and work with…….Some have become good, trusting friends along the way as well…….I love what I do and love this industry.

Now, look at how we responded.

US: Art Koch allow me to refresh your feeble memory. Her name was Lisa Moore and she made an appointment with you to talk about being in the biz, she clearly didn’t know better at the time….she was a tall very attractive blonde who flew from Atlanta to Tampa to take this meeting. YOU told her you could get her into the biz but she would have to have sex with you first, she told you she didn’t want to be in the biz that bad…she flew back to Atlanta but asked her manager at the club where she danced …who directed her to me…not what I would call “professional” scumbag is closer to the truth

Like him or not, I have to give the author  kudos for having the balls to call people out on their shit.


188730cookie-checkOuch! calling out Art Koch

Ouch! calling out Art Koch

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