Is @SextPanther Having Money Problems?

Anyone in the affiliate game knows that you spend more time chasing your money than you do actually trying to earn it. Today a new company is coming under fire for payment issues — SextPanther.

Their company allows fans to text porn stars and in return, the porn star is paid a percentage of the money the fan is charged for the service.

Is SextPanther Having Money Problems?

Recently it was revealed they are doing some old school shaving of sales. In other words, they aren’t paying for all the sales a person’s account receives, shaving off a few here and there. When caught they claimed the account was shorted because of a chargeback but the smart performer did their own research and found that wasn’t the case at all.

SextPanther has yet to respond to the allegations of theft, nor do we expect them to anytime soon. For now, just consider yourself warned. If they’ve been caught stealing from one person, who knows just how many accounts they have not been caught stealing from yet?

Below you’ll find more specific details of what took place between SextPanther and Freya Mars.

The message from Sextpanther reads “Hi ___, It has come to our attention that you are threatening a chargeback against a model. We have received your transactions and they all appear to be legitimate with no system issue. Should you decide to dispute any charges we will be forced to rebuttal your claims through our bank and pursue legal action against you as this would be considered credit card fraud. If you have any issues with models, feel free to contact us.”

From Freya Mars —

Development re: Sextpanther’s reasoning for not paying me my money due to stolen CCs. Looks like the only one stealing from sex workers is @SextPanther.

Whether or not the client in question is telling the truth isn’t really issue. My concern is

@SextPanther lying to me as an excuse to not pay me 13 days after the day I should have been notified of “stolen CCs”. Also I didn’t shit on cam & therefore didn’t violate any tos.
Some developments have been made regarding the “stolen CC” issue with @SextPanther. The client in question reached out to me and gave me permission to post his email exchanges with the company. To recap, SextPanther took money from my client, shut his account down when he made…

Transparency is important and I do not fault anyone who wishes to continue to work with this company. However, I do want sex workers to know exactly what they’ll be dealing with when they do business with @Sextpanther. This company straight up STOLE MONEY FROM ME…

Update: A rep from Sextpanther has contacted us to let us know that the money has been paid in full to the model in question. They stand by the fact that the initial charge was reversed by the customer, however, to smooth things over, they have gone ahead and paid her in full and taken a loss.


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Is @SextPanther Having Money Problems?

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