Don’t fall for the fake Mastercard Compliance Email

If you get an email from someone claiming to be compliance with Mastercard, don’t fall for it. You’ll notice the reply email is a Gmail account. I have two friends who have gotten it. Don’t fall for this phishing scam.

From [email protected]

This is Sasha from I hope you are well and safe during this pandemic. I’m reaching out to you because due to new credit card processing requirements that go into full force in October 2021 for adult content (clips and images), all adult website owners will be required to provide the following documents:

– A copy of each model’s photo ID.
– A picture of the model holding the same ID next to their face. (optional).
– A signed and dated Model Release form for each model.
– Licensing agreements (if applicable).

Finally, you must inform who the legal Compliance Record Keeper is for your content:

Compliance Record Keeper’s Full Physical Address – or;
Compliance Record Keeper’s Service URL – or;
Compliance Record Keeper’s Email Address

Trust and Safety Statement: The protection and security of all personally identifiable information is, and always has been, our top priority. All Performer documents (Photo IDs and Consent Forms) are encrypted on upload and stored in a fully secure storage location. All file access is monitored and restricted to our Compliance Team through our secured network on a view only basis.

You will need to provide the documentation before September 15th 2021, so that our team can verify it before the new requirements take effect.

For more information on the Mastercard Enhanced Requirements for Adult Content announced on April 14th 2021, please visit our site:

For a more in-depth look at the Mastercard Enhanced Requirements for Adult Content, please visit the Commercegate website:

We appreciate your immediate attention to this request.

Sasha Brown
Mastercard Compliance Team.

696191cookie-checkDon’t fall for the fake Mastercard Compliance Email

Don’t fall for the fake Mastercard Compliance Email

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