Butt-Con ‘A Holey Experience’ in New York City

Invading armies can be resisted, Victor Hugo once wrote, but nothing can stop an idea whose time has come. Behold, Butt-Con!

Billed as “A Holey Experience for the Like-Behinded,” last week’s Butt-Con convention centered around anything and everything to do with your buttocks. The event was conceived and organized by the bidet company called Tushy and took place in New York City.

Butt-Con was the tuchus trade show no one asked for — and it let nothing rump-related fall through the cracks.

The event celebrated all things to do with your butt from health to sex to hygiene. Attendees could enjoy the belfie” (butt-selfie) booth, an “Anal Like A Porn Star” workshop, a twerking competition, and to top it all off, the grand finale was a cake sitting performance.

Miki Agrawal is behind Butt-Con
Miki Agrawal is behind Butt-Con


The New York Post reported:

Leave it to Miki Agrawal, the since-ousted CEO of the period undie start-up Thinx — who bartered away lattes made with her own breast milk at Burning Man two years ago — to put together an event that’s partly informative, mostly a millennial-baiting marketing shtick — and just a little bit gross.

The $12-a-ticket event at Midtown Loft was sponsored by the 40-year-old entrepreneur’s latest project, “Tushy,” an attachable bidet (starting at $69), which she calls “a precise shower for your butt.”

According to attendee Ian Paterson, 31, who tried the gadget at Butt-Con, “You instantly feel the jet of water — and it’s unforgiving.”

The convention also featured informational sessions like the “Complete History of Wiping Your Butt” or “How to Have the Perfect Poop,” or even check out one of the discussions on anal sex. There was something for everyone and every butt at the event.

The goal of the convention according to the organizers was to hopefully “play a pivotal role in bringing the health of our backsides to the forefront of the conversation while still celebrating all the fun and beauty of butts.”

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Butt-Con ‘A Holey Experience’ in New York City

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