Because street people need fresh vajajays too: 1,000 Joyboxx Menstrual Hygiene Kits donated to homeless

Kidding aside, this is a worthwhile effort to help people in need. Joyboxx parent company Passionate Playground announced Friday that it will give 1,000 Menstrual Hygiene Kits to homeless shelters in the Seattle, Washington area.

Passionate Playground’s Founder and CEO, Deborah Semer, invented Joyboxx. She is a former not-for-profit executive who spent many years helping Seattle’s homeless at the Millionair Club Charity-building its women and family hygiene center and then helping America’s most wounded service members, by co-founding Operation Ward 57 for wounded soldiers.

“I know the issues that face both homeless women and wounded military, who are now a growing core of the homeless population,” Semer said. “This campaign is how our company can help and bring attention to these causes I am personally passionate about.

“Joyboxx is a hygienic, portable, personal lock box that is needed and helpful, outside, in shelters and in hospital.”

The 1,000 Joyboxx Menstrual Hygiene Kits to homeless women’s shelters will support Memorial Day, Global Menstrual Hygiene Day and Seattle’s One Million Tampons effort, Semer said.

Joyboxx is the world’s only patented, antimicrobial storage box system designed originally to keep adult products safe and clean but has developed into a multi-purpose hygienic storage solution for menstrual products, travel, cannabis, medications and more.

The kit includes the antimicrobial, locking Joyboxx filled with organic menstrual hygiene products; tampons, pads and reusable cups and hygiene samples from body-safe partner brands, Healthy Hoohoo and System JO.

Passionate Playground is seeking other partner brands that want to contribute hygiene and menstrual items to the kit, Semer said. Approximately 50-90 items will fit inside a Joyboxx, depending on their size.

Jillian Murphy, a retired nurse practitioner with the Army and Passionate Playground investor, said: “I wish I had a Joyboxx while I was deployed and to give our patients at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. It’s so helpful for many reasons.”

“That’s why I invested in the company and the product,” Murphy said. “The thing you have to know about girls in Afghanistan is that they rarely menstruate. They are either pregnant or breastfeeding their entire lives starting from 10-14.

“Getting a period each month is a privilege many women/girls never get to know. The kit is helpful in both situations. I’m thrilled to help homeless women by giving this hygiene kit!” stated

Passionate Playground is donating the 1,000 Joyboxxes and needs to raise funds for the 50-90,000 menstrual hygiene items that will fill the kit.

The public can donate a $25 Joyboxx Menstrual Hygiene Kit at The kit will not be shipped to the purchaser but given to a shelter once they are assembled. Contributors will receive a copy of all donation letters and updates on the campaign.

The public can also purchase and ship organic menstrual hygiene supplies directly to Passionate Playground LLC, P.O. Box 80971, Seattle, WA 98108 or to Seattle’s One Million Tampons effort.

258711cookie-checkBecause street people need fresh vajajays too: 1,000 Joyboxx Menstrual Hygiene Kits donated to homeless

Because street people need fresh vajajays too: 1,000 Joyboxx Menstrual Hygiene Kits donated to homeless

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