Performed tests positive for HIV. Are there others?

We get a lot of emails here at, just like I’m sure the other blog and news sites do as well. Some are funny, some are far more serious and today we got one of those emails that raised concern for all of the authors here on the site.

Some of the authors felt it should be discounted because there is no way to prove it while others wanted to post the email as it came in and let you, the readers decide what you feel about it.

In the end we have decided not to post the email since at this point it’s just flat out a rumor. But I will say what people (as in more than 1) are suggesting is that the person who tested positive is a male crossover performer who typically does gay porn only but he has shot a couple straight movies and has also done some boy/girl content trades.

He also recently shot a bi-sexual orgy that included at least 3 female performers, one of which is pretty well known.

But is this man in question really patient zero? That is not something we know and at least as of now, we haven’t come forward on his own. So how can we really know it’s him? I mean just because someone said so? Even if other bloggers want to openly name him, we won’t. It’s not fair because if the rumor isn’t true it’s something that could ruin his career and if it is true it’s something he needs time to process and deal with and share with his family and loved ones on his own.

Finding out you have HIV has to be an overwhelming experience so let’s give the guy time to process it all.


By the way, just after our last post, the FSC did confirm the patient zero for lack of a better name, has in fact tested positive.

The Free Speech Coalition said this afternoon that a preliminary test result from an unidentified performer has now been confirmed as positive.

“While no additional positive tests have surfaced, the production hold has been extended through Wednesday, Aug. 29, while we complete partner retests,” the FSC said.

“We hope to have retested all first-generation partners by the end of today. Should the remaining tests also return clear tomorrow, we can lift the hold tomorrow afternoon, and production could resume as early as Thursday morning. However, until we have the results of those tests, we cannot lift the hold.

“We know that production holds are difficult, financially and emotionally, for both performers and producers. We are working as quickly as possible, and working to be as transparent as possible, while protecting the privacy of all performers.

“We ask again that you respect the performer’s privacy as well. The performer has now been linked to care, and continues to work with FSC-PASS to establish a timeline and reach contacts, to help preserve the safety of their partners and fellow performers.”


281050cookie-checkPerformed tests positive for HIV. Are there others?

Performed tests positive for HIV. Are there others?

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