What is Sextortion?

Sextortion, as the FBI refers to it, is on the rise. Sextortion is a crime. According to a mother, in South Bay, California, whose son committed suicide in late February after communicating with cyber scammer.

According to the victim’s mother

“They probably spent four or five hours getting to know him and then after four to five hours of pressure,” Pauline Stuart, the late teen’s mother, said Ryan Last, Stuart’s 17-year-old son, has decent head on his shoulders, according to Stuart. This is becoming more common, more than you may have thought.

He was Future Farmers of America member who was planning to attend Washington State University.

What when so wrong, Sextortion is just wrong so so many levels

That all changed in late February when he was contacted by cyber scammer. According to Stuart, the fraudster pretended to be a woman and emailed a photo. The scammer then requested $5,000. Last, a sliver was sent, but it wasn’t enough.
Sextortion and revenge porn are two separate crimes. Report any attempts at its first glance or a hint of it. Avoid giving any nude selfies, especially if you are not an adult performer. Understandably, most cam models are more likely to have a more sensitive sense of privacy. So giving out sexually explicit pics for an extortionist would likely prove, that it will only get worse.
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What is Sextortion?

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