Is Maya Bijou, Dezerea Lyons attempting a second Murder to a list of credits?

Most in the adult industry are aware of performer Maya Bijou aka Dezerea Lyons, who orchestrated the murder of  Philip Niles J. Niles a 25-year-old male.  All because she felt disrespected or looked at as “funny” at a late-night party. Scared yet?  WELL,  you should be.

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Maya Bijou certified nut job
Maya Bijou certified

With one certified successful well-plotted on the fly, at just eighteen years old, Maya Bijou Dezerea Lyons had poor ole Philip Niles Jr murdered in cold blood. Remember this the next time you encounter a hood rat hooligan on Social Media or worse on a porn set, or heaven forbid, on a private. Don’t piss her off.

One name that has surfaced in connection with the case is Dezerea Lyons, also known by the alias Maya Bijou. Ms. Lyons, a figure known to the public for her involvement in the entertainment industry, has been implicated in the ongoing investigation. The nature and extent of her involvement remain unclear at this time, as law enforcement officials are diligently working to piece together the events leading up to Mr. Niles’ tragic end.

UPDATE: Sources have indicated, presumably Dezerea Lyons cooperated with Detectives against the shooters she dispatched to murder Mr Niles. To get her charge dropped.

Maya Bijou, Dezerea Lyonds has got some BALLS “NOOOO not that kind“. Same scheme, different way. THIS TIME! Maya Threatens to murder a fellow adult performer and colleague.

This time over the BD ” Baby Daddy” being so irritable and eyeballed by an attractive performer who is a penthouse pet. Jealousy is a powerful emotion, Maya would agree.

Again in 2023 Maya Bijou is actively attempting to convince the female performer, and Penthouse Pet to commit suicide or else, Maya will kill the pint-sized cover girl herself, the sacred shitless out-of-her-panties helpless female performer. One down, more to come? Apparently!



Those who know Maya, Schedule a chat with her ASAP. Instead of dubious producers prodding her past killer instincts up,  JUST TO HAVE MORE PEOPLE KILLED INCLUDING, ADDING HERSELF TO A SHORT LIST OF WORM FOOD. Shameful, all for the sake of four subscribers. 

Whoever or whatever PRODUCTION HERE SHOULD EDIT THIS. Just ask Philip Niles Jr’s family 

Here is where it gets problematic. If Maya attempted to take her own life, coupled with her checkered past, is it a risk gambling being on set with such a mindset?

Maya Bijou attempts to take her own life. This time
This time,Maya is rumored to an attempted to take her own life
771002cookie-checkIs Maya Bijou, Dezerea Lyons attempting a second Murder to a list of credits?

Is Maya Bijou, Dezerea Lyons attempting a second Murder to a list of credits?

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