The @PornHub Award Nominees Explained

I’ve noticed people confused about the PornHub awards. One nominee in the girl/girl category (Elsa Jean) even expressed her own confusion in how she got nominated over another (Darcie Dolce) who is better known for her work in the lesbian genre.

And the answer is really simple … the PornHub awards aren’t like the AVN or XBIZ awards. The PornHub awards are based solely on what goes on within the PornHub community.

In mainstream porn, it’s obvious Darcie Dolce does only girl/girl porn but when it comes down to overall popularity she’s not really all that famous. Elsa Jean is far more popular than she is. In fact, they aren’t even in the same game when you look at the actual numbers.

On PornHub, Darcie Dolce is ranked #365, while Elsa Jean is ranked #15 overall.

Is there really any comparison?

The overall rank isn’t really what it’s about though. I just wanted to sort of point out the obvious when it comes to asking why Elsa Jean got a nomination over Darcie Dolce.

I’m told that the nominations per category are actually based on overall views in that category. In the Lesbian category, I couldn’t find any Darcie Dolce video that ranked and since it’s the “PORNHUB” awards, they are going to base their nominations on what the “PORNHUB” users like and watch.

Even if it doesn’t always make sense in our world.

For example, outside of the whole PornHub world, nobody seems to care all that much about Mia Khalifa. Her only available content is MindGeek owned so she’s really only popular in their world and she’s REALLY popular in their world.

Outside of the MindGeek sphere though, not so much. But that’s okay because these awards are only about what happens at PornHub, hence the name “PornHub Awards”.

I hope that helps sort of clear up any confusion people seem to be having over how the nominations work for the PornHub awards.


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The @PornHub Award Nominees Explained

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