Life’s about Choices: Thoughtz that make you think

Life’s about choices: If I’m a Sex Worker in 2021, what thought makes me think more:

A: The fact that one of the most requested things from Porn stars, “on tour” {that’s escorting not feature dancing} is bareback escorting.  The fact that your John presents a poor Kinko’s copy of a test, Assume it is from some health department that may or may not exist, doesn’t cut it.

No disrespect to any sex workers respectfully working, I back you 100%, just those who decide to go bareback, because they need the extra 25 bucks for {insert any stupid excuse here} have a little respect for your fellow workers. That includes maybe getting a fresh test after you’ve been barebacking it in the middle of Times Square for a week.  How dare anyone steps on set with a test that was done before you went on tour.  That says you are clean.? Use a little of that extra money you made from barebacking and get it done. PLEASE

B: Choices For all the content creators of,  {pick any platform} who are either too cheap or too stupid {or both}, make sure your content partners are tested.

Yes, I know they are civilians, so they are ok, really? Once again, have RESPECT for your fellow performers, just because you can’t see his face doesn’t change anything, or the fact that he’s your significant other, blah blah blah blah, I have filmed too many of these and the blatant disregard is really crazy.


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Life’s about Choices: Thoughtz that make you think

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