Teen Melody Parker ‘Dicked Down During Detention’ at DickDrainers.com

It’s like The Breakfast Club, but with more sex and without the dandruff.

Blonde-haired teen beauty Melody Parker returns to DickDrainers in the platform’s latest IR encounter. The new release, in which a detention class turns into an erotic free-for-all, is now available online via the DD official website.
Five-foot-five Florida native Parker portrays a sexy student sent to school detention run by overworked teacher Mr. Branden. There, the little hellion meets a boy (Lil D a.k.a. Ruthless Kid), and sexual mayhem ensues.
Melody Parker ‘Dicked Down During Detention’ at DickDrainers.com with Lil D a.k.a. Ruthless Kid
Melody Parker ‘Dicked Down During Detention’ at DickDrainers.com


“Today I was assigned detention duty,” Mr. Branden recalled. “Since the semester has just started up again, I knew things would be quiet. ‘I can finally catch up on grading papers,’ I remember saying to myself. ‘It’s going to be a good, calm day.’
“Just when I began to settle in, a delinquent young man entered my classroom. And let me tell you, I was NOT happy! All you have to do at school is come, do your work and go home, but this slacker is already in detention after a week! 
“And you know what made it worse? A young lady was sent in right after him! What is going on? What are these young people on these days? Well, one thing I know is this: they may have had to get in trouble to get here but they are going to stay out of trouble while they’re here! I run a no nonsense operation here, buddy! So both of these young delinquents better mind their p’s and qs’ or else we are going to have a problem, buddy!”
“This was my second time working for DickDrainers, and my favorite scene I’ve made with them,” said Melody Parker. “I was super pumped to work with Lil D because, at the time, he and I were the youngest in the industry, so it was kinda monumental to say the least!”
A member of porn’s millennial class, Parker joined the Family of X last year, “about a month after I turned 18. I dreamt of doing porn, and it’s been kind of a dream come true.” She made her DickDrainers debut last summer with “She’s a Big Girl Now…”.
“This is a scene that the fans have been demanding for quite some time and one that I’d envisioned for quite a while as well,” DD honcho Branden Richards stated. “Both Melody and Lil D have very devoted fanbases and have enjoyed much success in a short time: Lil D became an AVN nominee after less than a year in the business and Melody exploded in popularity in about the same timeframe. The chemistry between the two was off the charts and we all had fun with the storyline.”
The duo prove themselves to be no slackers after all in the 24-minute DickDrainers.com scene, “Dicked Down During Detention!”, which is available for streaming and download here.
Follow Melody Parker on Twitter @melodyparker69.
Melody Parker and Lil D a.k.a. Ruthless Kid for DickDrainers
Melody Parker and Lil D a.k.a. Ruthless Kid for DickDrainers
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Teen Melody Parker ‘Dicked Down During Detention’ at DickDrainers.com

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