Roxie Rae Wraps 2019 with Exciting New Clips

It’s the last day of 2019, and blonde beauty Roxie Rae wants you to know that she has four new clips available to help you ring in the new year in sexy style.

Roxie Rae

Old friends return in the new vids on Roxie’s network of sites, one of which features Miss Roxie herself, as well as Keisha Grey, Sydney Paige, Dacey Harlot, and Nika Venom.

Roxie kicks things off with her interesting clip on Roxie Rae Fetish. If you like to watch girls open wide, you’ll love as Roxie yawns, showing you all her teeth, throat, and tongue. Roxie may be tired, but this might just perk you up! And, on Best Wedgies, Keisha has a problem: her full white panties keep giving her wedgies when she puts on her jeans. She adjusts and struggles, but the wedgies won’t stop.

Sydney and Dacey are featured on The Foot Fantasy, and it’s a fun, foot fetish taboo scene. Watching TV while barefoot, Dacey confesses she has a foot fetish. Sydney uses the opportunity to fulfill one of her fantasies – to worship her sister’s tooties with lots of licking and toe sucking. And, on Karate Domination, Nika is ready to earn her yellow belt, and you will help her. After she takes you down, she’ll use you to reach her other goal – humiliating you as you worship her on her command.

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Roxie has been adding exclusive content to her OnlyFans at, and is the place to find Roxie’s top solo clips.

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Roxie Rae Wraps 2019 with Exciting New Clips

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