Leana Lovings Shines as a Devious Seductress for Pure Taboo

Multi-award winning ‘girl next door’ adult star Leana Lovings takes a detour to the dark side as a ruthlessly obsessed teen who wants to be more than friends with high school official Tommy Pistol in the spellbinding “Mustn’t Tell Teacher.”

Leana Lovings
Leana Lovings

Directed by Ricky Greenwood for Adult Time’s Pure Taboo, the scene opens with Cameron (Pistol), a high school administrator, visiting the home of teacher, Mrs. Williams (Marie McCray), to help her with an upcoming school fundraiser. After they finish up their work, Williams’ teen daughter, Leana, returns home. 

Leana is very happy to see Cameron, because she secretly harbors a crush on him. When Cameron excuses himself to head home, Mrs. Williams says she’ll walk out with him since she has an errand she hs to run.  But Leana doesn’t want Cameron to leave yet, and instantly leaps into action with a cunning ploy.  Leana claims that she is trying to do more extra-curricular activities to help with her college applications, but there’s so much to choose from and she’s feeling a bit overwhelmed. Since Cameron is in charge of the school’s extracurricular activities . . .

Things take a dark turn when Leana confesses that she really wants to have sex with him.  And when Cameron initially refuses, the teen seductress explains just how far she is willing to go to get what she wants.

Leana Lovings says she relished the opportunity to act with the formidable Pistol, who has earned many acting trophies, in one of his patented conflicted older man character studies.

“I’ve always wanted to work with Tommy Pistol, because he inspired me to go into adult films,” Lovings announced today.  “I absolutely loved being a part of this project for Pure Taboo, because it really engaged and hung on acting ability, and Tommy stimulates my creativity and my desire to act, as opposed to merely ‘perform.’”

The twisted “Mustn’t Tell Teacher” is now available at PureTaboo.com.

Fore more information, follow Pure Taboo on Twitter: @PureTaboocom.


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Leana Lovings Shines as a Devious Seductress for Pure Taboo

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