Erotic Horror Site Effortlessly Blends Fear and Arousal

Adult film star and award-winning director Dana Vespoli and director of photography Sal Genoa have officially cut the ribbon on

Equal parts horror and erotica, TerrorXXX presents “a series of standalone stories set in universe where these characters can return,” said Vespoli. Fear, dread, desire, and arousal are explored in carefully-crafted scenes, along with themes of transgression, life, death, and the supernatural. Also, it’s kinda hot to fuck monsters, so there’s plenty of that!

Erotic Horror Site Effortlessly Blends Fear and Arousal

Dana Vespoli is a long time fan of both porn and horror movies, having discovered both as a kid growing up in Portland, Oregon. She entered the world of X in 2003 as a performer, with the goal of eventually directing her own films. For more than a decade she has had a prolific output for a wide selection of companies featuring boundary-pushing scenes renowned for their authenticity and intensity.

TerrorXXX began last fall as a dream project. “I’ve always been drawn to horror; it’s my favorite genre,” said Vespoli “I love the films of Dario Argento and Pascal Laugier; I also love Stephen King. This has always been something I wanted to do.”

Vespoli said, “In horror, the kind of urgency that you feel is comparable to sex. It elicits visceral reactions. Also, it’s so transgressive. I’ve seen many horror films that transcend the genre; they actual move you. They can leave you feeling aroused, for fear and arousal are so closely linked.”

The creators of TerrorXXX see it as a liberation from formulaic porn fare driven by corporate edicts. “It’s hard to fit a good sex scene into these tropes — younger/older, whatever — that they tell you to shoot because the analytics say those things go together,” Genoa said. “This is truly an indie movement of adult entertainment, because we’re using our own money and shooting with no restrictions.”

“Sal is the most talented camera and lighting guy I know, and he knows perfectly how to execute my ideas. We talked about collaborating on stuff, and I thought, ‘let’s do horror!’”, said Vespoli.

“She’ll come up with a story, and I don’t ever question it,” Genoa said of working with Vespoli, “and when we get to set that day she says, ‘Show me what you got.’”

Sovereign Syre, who stars in the instant classic “Don’t Feed The Beast”, said the director “is fearless and always pushing the limits of what can be depicted on screen. As a writer she is rebellious, has a character full of integrity and empathy for her subject matter and is unlike anyone else in the adult industry. There is a reason she is loved so fiercely by her fans and peers alike.”

One of Vespoli’s personal favorites is “I’m In Love”, starring Maya Kendrick. “I’ve always wanted to do things that scared me,” said Kendrick, who stars as a nerdy outcast who encounters a mythical beast while taking a shortcut through the woods. “The more nervous something makes me the more I want to do it! Seeing and being a part of porn that’s finally embracing my favorite genre is incredibly fulfilling.”

Other scenes available of TerrorXXX include “Amusing The Demon”, featuring Emily Willis and Bill Bailey; the home invasion-themed “Here Piggy”, starring Vespoli and Nathan Bronson;  and “I Think She’s Rabid”, starring Lily Love and Small Hands.

The charismatic Hands, who portrays an Appalachian mountain man who wants to show us something he caught out in the woods, describes working with Vespoli “extremely pleasant and easy. She always has a clear vision, a good idea, yet gives me enough room to ‘make it my own’!”

The goal of TerrorXXX is to excite you, scare you a little bit, and leave you thinking about these stories long after you’ve left the site.

For more information about TerrorXXX and how to subscribe, visit and follow its official Twitter: @terrortriplex

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Erotic Horror Site Effortlessly Blends Fear and Arousal

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