Bella Vendetta’s ‘Forced Earth Connection’ Screened at Seattle’s SECS Fest

Decorated industry veteran Bella Vendetta’s new short film, “Forced Earth Connection”, which stars East Coast-based fetish performer Lilah Rose, screened this month at the Seattle Erotica Cinema Society (SECS) Fest.

This short film, which was directed, produced, and co-stars Vendetta herself, showcases a genuine femme on femme BDSM dynamic.

Lilah slowly crawls through a muddy path in the woods before being instructed to make love to the earth. She is attached to the forest floor with big, custom made tent like stakes. Mistress Bella engages in some cruel cunt kicking, making Lilah squirt and water the mossy earth beneath her.

The film originally released on: Clips4Sale, and was then made available for streaming on Pink Label TV.

“Forced Earth Connection” which has the descriptive alternate title, “Ground Fucking Cunt Kicking,” was screened, alongside other erotic shorts created by directors from across the globe, on July 7 in Seattle as part of SECS Fest, a “sex-positive international film festival celebrating the artistry of erotic cinema while inspiring diverse communities to engage in adult conversations about sex.”

For a full list of films visit:

“I knew this little piece of cinema was special when Lilah and I created it last year. I am glad I got to take My time with it and that it seems to have found the right audience on so many different platforms. I think SECS fest and their entire mission statement is so important,” said the director and co-star.

The short film can also be found on: and is being cut to a 60-second condensed version for another film festival forthcoming.

609180cookie-checkBella Vendetta’s ‘Forced Earth Connection’ Screened at Seattle’s SECS Fest

Bella Vendetta’s ‘Forced Earth Connection’ Screened at Seattle’s SECS Fest

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