What is Skin Diamond aka Raylin Joy doing now

The porn star Skin Diamond also known as Raylin Joy has ditched the adult industry. The performer has embarked upon a successful musical career.  Skin Diamond has remained working on various musical projects, at a studio in Los Angeles, California.

Skin Diamond Raylin J

Skin Diamond was a natural in front of the cameras

The sensational Adult performer is known for her humility. She kept a small circle of close friends before exiting the American Phonographic industry. Skin once during an interview stated she got in the Industry “just for giggles”.

Skin Diamond / Raylin Joy family Lineage goes back to mainstream acting in popular Scottish and British Television


In 2017, she announced she would be pursuing a far different challenge. Channeling her musical talents into a very different career path, and that Music was her calling.

Skin aka Raylin Joy’s father Rodd Christensen, fictional character “Spencer the painter” in a popular British Children’s show Balamory

The much-admired children’s series ran from 2002 through 2005. With an impressive 253 episodes.

Skin Diamond Raylin Joy
Skin Diamond Father Rodd Christensen


Balamory credit BBC
Cast of Balamory

The pint-sized renowned performer skyrocketed to the top of the porn industry. In a relatively short time, she received several of the most coveted awards.

So what else is Skin Diamond up to?

She has moved on to songwriting and mainstream acting. We have not heard the last of this incredible mattress actress, turned songwriter, musician, and mainstream actress.


Skin Diamond / Raylin Joy. A natural acting ability


Filmrage Magazine Volume 2, Issue 12 Now Available

2016_06_03 - Filmrage Skin Diamond 01

Skin Diamond is one of the most popular adult film performers in the world and she graces the cover of the penultimate issue of Filmrage (specifically Volume 2, Number 12).  Filmrage bills itself as “The World’s Most Exclusive Exploitation Film Journal”, but don’t let your preconceived notions of a “film journal” fool you.  This publication is not a magazine in the traditional sense of the word.  Rather, it is an oversized hardcover book that is designed to lie down on a large table.  Chock full of movie poster reproductions, lobby cards, and other black and white/color images of both sex and violence, it is a feast for the eyes.  While most publications have writers who write about certain films and directors, this one has essays written by the actual makers of the films they are writing about.

Volume 2, Number 12 features:

– A look at Harry Bromley Davenport’s Xtro by Tim Dry who played the monster in the film.

– Jack the Zipper on his hardcore sex film Killers starring Skin Diamond

2016_06_03 - Filmrage Skin Diamond 02

– Reviews of ManiacPortlandCutthroats NinePoltergeist, (a hilarious and succinct review of) Dario Argento’s Dracula 3DIlsa Meets Bruce Lee in the Devil’s TriangleInternal Affairs (the film that inspired Martin Scorsese’s The Departed),

– Mark L. Lester on Class of 1984, Bobbi Joe and the Outlaw, Truck Stop Women, Steel Arena, The Funhouse, Firestarter, and Showdown in Little Tokyo

– Philippe Mora on his Howling sequels

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What is Skin Diamond aka Raylin Joy doing now

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