Dot-Com domain values plummet but it’s not all doom and gloom

With the introduction of all the new domain name extensions like .live, .beer, .best, .cool, .film, .email, .lol, .news, .network, .online (over 400 in all), people can finally find a domain name they like without having to worry about it not being taken. If is taken, they can simply get, or

And while that’s good news for most people, it’s not so great for those sitting on what used to be very valuable dot-coms. for example used to have a seven-figure value. It even comes with its own trademark. Today the sellers couldn’t unload it for half of that., a 4 letter dot com, that is 21 years old went up for sale last week. They had no success with a buyer. Years ago multiple buyers would have jumped on this domain. In today’s market, they couldn’t get a buyer interested in paying more than $100k.


Does that mean that dot-coms are now worthless? Of course not. Dot-com’s still reign supreme but they just aren’t worth what they were ten years ago, which really sucks for all those guys sitting on top of multi-million dollar domain name profiles.

But I guess it’s still good for the consumers who were having a hard time finding a domain name that they wanted because all the dot-coms were taken.



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