RealBotix’s A.I.-packing male sex robot cuddles, speaks and cracks jokes

RealBotix announced that prospective love interests can interact with their Henry via an app, which will prompt him to recite poetry or whisper sweet nothings.

Sexbot creators RealBotix are hoping to stimulate the female market with its latest offering – a 5’11” male sex robot called Henry who promises not only ‘superhuman’ sexual performance but also loving companionship.

The hunky android is being developed to give women what they apparently want – and not just in the bedroom. Henry will be programmed to listen to you talk about your day, remember your hopes and fears, and cuddle you.

And this extra level of companionship has seen a surge in interest in Henry among women, since plans were announced earlier this year.

Not only can Henry make intense eye contact, and arch an eyebrow, but backed with artificial intelligence, Henry will even be able to have a conversation with you.

And women will be able to pick their own silicone penis inserts when he goes on sale for about USD$12,000 early next year, reports

Catherine Shirley, RealBotix’s public relations person, starts to unzip Henry’s pants. “There’s nothing in there,” [RealBotix founder Matt] McMullen tells her. Henry is currently in Ken Doll mode, but anyone who buys him when he goes on sale next year will get their choice of silicone penis inserts. . . .

One reason sex dolls haven’t gone mainstream, aside from their cost and weight (as much as 90 pounds), is that they’ve never really caught on with women. Fewer than 10 percent of the company’s 300 to 400 orders a year go to women or couples. But female interest in Henry—a robot that, the company promises, will one day talk to you about your day, remember your hopes and fears, cuddle you, love you, and of course make love to you (or something)—has been notably higher, McMullen says.

Henry, Robotix's male sex robot, speaks and cracks jokes

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