Encoding Your Video

In keeping with the move towards helping girls and guys who want to do it themselves this is the question I get the most….I have the video on my camcorder…now what do I do with it?


[note this post is also helpful if you want to post a video to youtube or facebook or turn it into something you can send to family or friends]


Indeed it’s a good question, its too big to put on any clips store as it is and it likely wont play but on a a select few systems.

Currently the answer is H.264 codec in an MP4 container.  It sounds technical but it really isn’t too bad once you understand it.  It is the only format that will successfully stream across all browsers and all platforms (PC/Apple/Linux).  Your camcorder may even shoot in this format but that doesn’t mean that it is ready for use on a clips store.

Assuming that you edit your video yourself and place a watermark on it the next step is to choose the encoding…all editing programs will encode H.24 mp4.  Sony Vegas, Apple Final Cut, and Adobe Premeire. If you don’t use one of these, and even if you do theres a free program called Handbrake that does a GREAT job.

When you select H.264 there are a myriad of settings but you only need to know a few.

First is the profile  if you are rendering HiDef (1280×720/1990×1080 etc) you need to use the “High” Profile

if you are rendering Standard def (640×360 or 720×480) you need to use the main profile

This basically sets up the things you dont have to worry about.

The next thing is if you intend to stream it (play directly from your site like youtube does)  Thats called “web optimized” or “streamable”  I always check that regardless because it makes playback more efficient even if it isnt streaming.

and finally bit rate  without going into the details of key frames and delta changes bit rate determines the quality of your final product…It also determines the file size, many camcorders, particularly 4K use extremely high bit rates (80 megabits per second or more) you dont want to try to upload that to a clips site…for one it will take forever even with a fast internet connection and for another it will be too big for the clip site and will be rejected.

I have found that for most porn a bit rate of 2.4 megabits per second or 2,400,000 k bits per second gives EXCELLENT quality in both HD and SD and produces file sizes that are acceptable.  The only caveat is older Apple systems wont play this bit rate reliably so for that I offer one at 800,000 k bits per second or .8 megabits per second.

I end up with two files of the video one for higher end systems like most modern PCs, Apple, XBox, Playstation 3 and 4 etc and one for older systems.

These files will both be acceptable for clips4sale stores and will run on any device between the two of them.

If you need further help with a specific encoder google it and you will get a lot of  how tos…

Hope this helps.


also , if you like feel free to comment with any questions and I will try to answer them for you  if you are havaing a problem as much detail as possible helps me…

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