A Farewell to Wicked: Stormy Daniels Jumps Ship to Digital Playground

Adult star and reputed Donald Trump lay Stormy Daniels announced today via her Instagram and Twitter accounts that she is bidding farewell to Wicked Pictures, and has signed a new exclusive directorial contract with Digital Playground.


A Farewell to Wicked: Stormy Daniels Jumps Ship to Digital Playground
Stormy Daniels’ updated Twitter bio


On Instagram Daniels added a little 4-H humor: “I swear the horse on the DP logo didn’t influence my decision at all.”

Digital Playground, one of the adult industry’s most prominent and successful companies, was acquired by Manwin (now MindGeek) in March 2012.

The prolific Daniels had been signed to Wicked Pictures since 2002 as a contract performer, and since 2004 as a contract director.

Greener pastures

Recent news reports maintain that then-candidate Trump arranged a $130,000 payment to Daniels just prior to the 2016 election in order to deter her from publicly revealing an alleged sexual relationship with him a decade earlier.  Daniels is scheduled to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live! following Trump’s State of the Union address tomorrow night, January 30.

While Stormy’s star appears to be rising anew, her farewell to Wicked comes at a time when the studio, and its team, have suffered a series of public relations blows centering on the tragic death of adult star August Ames and its connection to contract performer jessica drake, her husband, contract director Brad Armstrong, and fellow contact director Axel Braun, as well as drake’s disputed claims about Donald Trump.

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  1. mharris127

    Stormy is going to find a completely different working environment at DP. MindGeek has been cutting production costs and production values in their production companies for years. Holly Randall does a lot of work for the MindGeek companies, she has said that someone told her that her high production values don’t add anything to the company and that content is king — not quality production. Also, MindGeek is attached to at least three of the tube sites that steal from most porn production companies today. Stormy attaching herself to such a company won’t win her any friends in the porn community (other than their other main director Danny D). I wonder what precipitated Stormy deciding to jump ship to MindGeek — did they offer her a higher salary for some reason or did Wicked’s management decide Stormy wasn’t worth keeping around now that she doesn’t perform much.

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