Melody Parker and Sofia Moon Fight at AVN

Melody Parker posted this story to her twitter account about the incident that got Sofia Moon removed from the AVN show.

Melody Parker

due to the negativity and backlash and threats I have been getting as of lately I decided i’m going to compose a tweet with the story of what REALLY occurred on monday night. i’m going to ONLY state facts and NO opinions.

sofia and I went to the club, prior to this she took substances that may have altered her behavior, but i’m not justifying anything. she brought her male friend with her and I brought my boyfriend.

we danced and had a good time at the club for a few hours. when the club was closing we were leaving and a girl asked for her male friends phone number and he gave it to her…. after he walked away sofia proceeded to tell the girl that they were boyfriend and girlfriend.

Sofi Moon

which they are not. when the boy heard this information he was upset because sofia kinda fucked up his chance with the girl when we exited the club the boy asked sofia why she would said that

immediately she became defensive and swore she didn’t say that and that the female in the club was lying.

as we continued to make our way to the car sofia and the man continued to argue and sofia gradually became more and more angry and loud and began to push the man.

they were arguing about a lot, she had been spending a lot of money on the boy and there was some tension prior to this between the two of them.

i repeatedly told sofia to stop and to please calm down, she didn’t listen. we were merely 5 yards away from the cops and didn’t want her to make a scene since she was yelling AND under the influence

after about 3-5 minutes of yelling and gentle pushing the confrontation turned into her screaming and crying and shoving him. which eventually lead to ripping his undershirt, which lead to ripping his second shirt and more screaming and more crying and yelling.

the confrontation continued as they argued about petty things and gradually over a period of 10-15 minutes went from little pushes to her kicking him in the stomach and genitalia in her high heels.

I mentioned she was drinking that night and was under the influence of other substances so she was stumbling and falling while attempting to do this… mind you she was falling on asphalt too.

all the while were all asking her to calm down. the man is holding her forearms to try to hold her back from her hitting him and kicking him and hurting him.

she eventually takes off the high heels and throw them at him repeatedly aiming for his face. she manages to hit him a few times & when the heels aren’t enough for her she grabs a 4 foot tall orange parking/traffic cone and lifts it above her head and throws it at him.

finally I decided i’ve had enough of this and I announce i’m calling an uber back to our Airbnb.

she continuously throws cones & jackets & fists & heels & feet at him until eventually he pushes her because she will not stop.

she’s now on the floor and gets up still crying and walks away towards the club and says not to worry about her because she was spending the night at her friends.

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