Kaylen Kross calls out Prince Yahshua and SBW Modeling

We recently got an email warning people who are considering working with Prince Yahshua and his new agency SBW Modeling.

Kaylen Kross calls out Prince Yahshua and SBW Modeling

I’ve giving you a heads up on this prince yahshua dude, he’s a bad dude to be involved with, and being around him will not help your porn career, he’s only gonna use you as a tool to turn out, he is a suitcase pimp .. and he’s known for being a unprofessional and ripping off off girls when it comes to money, he’s a slimeball and a creep that will use his so called agency services as a way to come on to you with sex, and take advantage of you

He’s can get you hooked up with any companies because he’s burnt bridges with everyone in the industry … get away from him.





5 Replies to “Kaylen Kross calls out Prince Yahshua and SBW Modeling”

  1. smoke_the_one

    Last I check they weren’t even licensed as an agency and they use a yahoo address. I’m surprised girls even signed up.

  2. mharris127

    Isn’t “Prince” the guy that had a GoFundMe twice claiming he broke his dick on set and needed money to pay his bills? I guess he did break his dick once but if he hasn’t saved money to cover three months off of work in the 15 or so years he has been talent he will never make it and needs to find another gig. Talent management isn’t the gig he needs. I guess he needs another job now that he (probably) can’t get his dick hard on set and thought he could rip some newbies off claiming to be a talent agent, huh? What a fucking creep!

    As for the girls liking to work with him, of course they do. A half flaccid dick is easier on the cunt than seven or eight inches of rock hard cock (or 12 inches of Shane Diesel rock hard Coke can cock). The one thing he hasn’t been caught doing is falsifying VD tests so the girls trust him when they see his test results.

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