Jessica Drake and Donald Trump

My friend Tim told me last night that all of mainstream media was waiting on me to comment on this, I laughed.

I don’t have any issues with Jessica but I do have some overall issues with her claims.  the first being the money.  To my knowledge that isn’t Trump’s M.O. Out of all the bimbo eruptions he has had I don’t remember any of them mentioning a monetary offer.  Stormy Daniels being dragged into this plays a part as well (It’s rather well known that Stormy and Jessica aren’t exactly BFFs).  It is rather obvious to me that Demi Dahlia and Mike Moz leaked that story and whether Stormy did or didn’t (frankly I could care less) Money was never mentioned.  And lets not forget according to Jessica this happened ELEVEN years ago  in 2006.  I mean why now?

There is also Jessica’s New lingerie store and her well crafted accusations that ring with what Trump has already said, like he kissed her without asking. So the PR angle makes me a tad skeptical.

Is it believable to me that Trump propositioned Jessica? Absolutely.  Is it believable that he offered her 10K?  To me, No, because that just doesn’t jive with his M.O.

All of that said….if ever there was a candidate that appears to be on good terms with the porn biz, it’s Trump.  Even so he isn’t getting my vote.

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  1. Toby

    One detail that hasn’t been clear in the reports I’ve read is whether or not Trump knew she was a porn performer. If he did, then the money offer may not be as suspect. Not that it really matters at this point. Herr Drumpf is pretty much toast at this point, unless Clinton gets abducted by space aliens in the next two weeks.

  2. joeschmoe

    Who knows if Trump did this stuff or not… I can buy him grabbing women and kissing them, I can even buy him grabbing their butt or something like that. I could even buy that he offered 10 grand to a porn performer (which is common, the girls who want to do this make a ton of money on weekend companion deals with rich guys and athletes and the like).. although if he didn’t know she did porn you are correct it doesn’t seem to fit his MO…….. However, the timing of this in relation to her new online store and how it relates to the election…. I just have to ask why this day, why not when he won the nomination, why not the day all the other women came out? Why a press conference with a high profile lawyer when this is not something you can even get anywhere legally with?

    I will be happy when all this bullshit is over. I don’t care who wins anymore, just get it over with and everyone can deal with the fallout as either candidate will cause a host of problems as president.

    I was wondering today …. enough has come out to sink Trump… if more keeps coming out it really starts to feed his conspiracy theory and maybe that turns people back to him? I don’t know but I think now that they have the guy down they don’t need to pile more on. It could start to backfire at some point.

  3. Karmafan

    If the info came out around nomination time the party could have come up with someone that might beat Hillary. Wait until 2 weeks before the election before you let loose the shitstorm and Repubs got no play left except defeat. The folks behind the scenes in Washington know what they are doing.

  4. mharris127

    I have to agree with this one, Karma. I suspect Heil Trump-Hitler’s goose was cooked the minute his comment about grabbing women’s vaginas without explicit permission was leaked (if a woman could convince a jury he pressed into her pussy even a millimeter he would be facing rape one charges and life in prison, ironically being gangbanged by five gang banger donkey dicks nightly for the rest of his life if he did that here in MI or in California). I wonder if Mike Moz leaked the info or if Jessica did that herself, possibly in conjunction with one of Clinton’s handlers. Considering Trump’s and Republicans proposals would result in the starvation and exposure to the elements via lack of housing death of about a third of the country’s population by ending all social programs including Social Security and Medicare I will hold my nose and vote for Clinton but I wish the Democrats had put up Sanders instead. In a different race I wouldn’t even consider voting for Clinton but she is the best of a bad lot. I hope we have better next time (if there is a next time).

  5. Removed Account

    She’s had more than 10 years to bring this to light. She could have done it when he was on Celeb apprentice. Why now? Why more than a decade later? Such total bullshit. I only wished Trump would sue the shit out of her. This is clearly a pr stunt.

  6. rawalex

    There will always be a pile on effect. We know Bill Clinton got nasty with his chubby intern, and quite possibly a few others. But when the time comes, they all come climbing out of the woodwork, including some that likely never did a thing but want their 15 minutes. Trump is getting the same treatment back, you can be sure that some of these girls are spot on and telling it like it was, and others are piling on for the exposure and perhaps a few links on TMZ. It’s pretty sad, actually.

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