Rodney Moore Covers Bill Wither’s “Use Me” and its GREAT!

Check this out, and congrats to Rodney…very well done man


4 Replies to “Rodney Moore Covers Bill Wither’s “Use Me” and its GREAT!”

  1. Skirm

    One of the most underrated producer/performer from back in the day. Pretty cool he’s still making music, since that was his background before entering the business.

  2. MikeSouth

    check out his youtube channel he has a lot of great stuff on there but I do think “Use Me” is the best so far the dude has talent for sure he was even great in his videos he had funny stuff

  3. Skirm

    I subscribed to him when u first posted this video the other day. I was enjoying his Give Just A Little tune. Very 80s, very nice.

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