Mark Speigler In The Hospital

Just got word that Mark Speigler is in the hospital undergoing some pretty serious surgery.

He blew a disk in his back and had to have it removed.  He is out of surgery and walking around on a walker,  He has some physical therapy ahead but all in all he should recover pretty well.  Just talked to him.




8 Replies to “Mark Speigler In The Hospital”

  1. common sense

    FINALLY, some GOOD news to report! except, for the part about him recovering. Wah Wah Wahhh 🙂

  2. Karmafan

    Spielger is one of the few agents that actually looks out for his talent. You never hear anything bad about the guy.

  3. SabrinaDeep

    Another hatred, based on nothing comment by CommonSense…alright: maybe CommonSense can tell us some of his bad personal experiences with Mark, since he seems to know him so well to wish him bad. Based on my own personal experience, although i am not and have never been represented by Mark, i can only speak well about the man. Best of luck to Mark for a speedy recovery.

  4. mharris127

    I wish Mark a complete and speedy recovery. I have a back injury myself, without pain medication I would probably be in bad shape.

    For the record although I question Mark continuing association with Dr. Flip Flop from what I have heard and read Mark is a great agent for his talent and treats them well. May Mark heal soon and well.

  5. insider

    @common You really are an asshole. Have a little decency.
    @Mark I hope you have a speedy recovery. Get well.

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