Will The FSC Prove Me Wrong?

Porners were given a reprieve by voters in California on Tuesday. Prop 60 failed to pass. The question now becomes what will Porn Valley do with the huge break they were given? You see there is still a problem with rampant STDs, there is still the fact that a performer who wants to use a condom doesn’t have that choice.

A lot of people are thinking that condoms are no longer required in porn as a result of this….You should talk to James Deen or JoAnna Angel about that….they are both currently facing fines in excess of 50,000 dollars, and they are not alone. Make sure that you understand that condoms are still the law. Prop 60 was only an enforcement mechanism.

Now if The FSC and the No on Prop 60 bunch are smart they will start working hard on bringing STDs under control, making producers pay for testing (no where near as expensive as fighting off another Prop 60) and providing some safety for performers.

I am not holding my breath.

If you think that Prop 60 was AHF’s last stand you are SORELY mistaken….Take that to the bank.

I can’t tell you how many girls have notified me in the last 6 months that they will no longer shoot in Porn valley because of the unprofessional performers, producers and such, they don’t want to risk their lives, it’s that simple. I don’t blame them, I wouldn’t either.

The FSC may have won this one, but there are a lot more coming and they won’t win them all, they will bankrupt first. Use this opportunity to be smart and pro-active…Prove me wrong….

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  1. Karmafan

    As has been said in other threads the girls are flocking to cam shows and making THEIR OWN content to cut out the unprofessional people in porn and see more of their revenue in their own pockets rather then some producer or studio.

    As established well known girls get a bigger name for themselves and go that route studios will only survive on new fresh talent that does not know better.

  2. rawalex

    Prop 60 would have made it all a no brainer, obligated with no real wiggle room. Now they are back as they were, dodging the Cal-OSHA types, but with the confidence gained by prop60 failing.

    I would expect someone (like Deen) to argue in court that the testing regime has a better success rate (on the spread of HIV) than condoms would, due to the failure rate of condoms especially on “larger” men (upwards to 10% in real life). As 10% of porn shoots do not lead to HIV infections, it can be inferred that it’s better to use testing alone than condoms alone, they could claim it’s a “higher standard”.

    Let’s just say the situation is clear as mud…

  3. mharris127

    I am not a Prop 60 or Weinfuck supporter but unless Leya Falcon is the owner of the pussy in the scene (she is allergic to latex condoms) there is a line of condoms available for “larger” dicks. They are the Trojan Magnums. Those things should fit even the largest dicks — even Lex Steele or Jack Hammer size dicks should fit into them (yes, I have seen one of these condoms with my own eyes — they are very large). I hope James Deen can get a judge to tell Cal-OSHA to shove their condumb mandate up Weinstein’s asshole along with a triple dose of every AIDS drug ever created and a truckload of cyanide but claiming that there isn’t a condom that fits “large” dicks is incorrect and will just get you laughed out of court. Also, chickies not allergic to latex can use female condoms which can almost take the large end of a baseball bat in them (assuming the pussy is roomy enough). They won’t work for porn but to claim a 10% breakage rate (I will assume in the general population) just because they don’t fit XXXXXXXXXXXXL dicks isn’t the route to go to eliminate a supposed condom mandate. Getting MDs to examine porn performers pussies after two hours of condom sex and verifying the condom rash/open wounds in them (increasing the risk of AIDS and other VDs much more than no condom at all in the porn population) will be necessary to be successful in eliminating the supposed condom mandate from Cal-OSHA. I feel sorry for the women that will have to go through this but it is probably the only way.

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