Uncle Peg’s Next Court Date

Is Oct. 2, 2014 at 8AM Its a status check on his probation from previous charges It will be in Judge Ann Zimmermans court.

I’m hearing things aren’t going to go well for for the serial wife beating douchebag.

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  1. Ari Bass

    That’s Mr Serial wife beating scumbag to you, Mr. South.
    I will get off like I always do. I am the fake porn wikkileaks.com
    and I don’t give two fucks. Just watch. I am a Jew and Jews pay the courts and the lawmakers off. Just got to get Christina my whore wife to
    get more gigs on Kinklive.com and get that porn career counselor, Matthew Harris to buy more time jacking off to my ugly wife.

  2. Jamie Profit

    I just wish this piece of shit would get off the fucking twitter and stop pimping his wife off. He is a embarrassing to the Jewish Community and the porn industry. Just take the 4 years in state prison offer Avi Ass.


  3. mharris127

    Fake Ari, I have honestly never purchased time with any of the Kink Live models. I prefer watching their BDSM websites — and from what I hear that is cheaper than Kink Live. Hey, that reminds me, I should go over there and take out a Hogtied subscription. 🙂

  4. Danny Davis

    Whiteacre is a broke Jew at the temple. He loves cock just like Sean Tompkins loves male cum in his mouth. You never see Sean Tompkins with a female. #gay

  5. Ari Bass

    Mr. South, I have @Dr.CindiSpiegler @PornWarn and @MrWhiteacre- unrestrained as my twitter accounts. Me and Sean use numerous twitter accounts to stalk out victims. We thought you all knew that.
    Michael Whiteacre AKA Ari Scott Bass is s criminal stalker paid by Mark Spiegler and the FSC to harass and stalk people and Porn performers. We don’t have anything else for complete losers to do today. Alia Janine aka Alia Dailey does not have the time for that.
    She is in school and raising a family.

  6. Karmafan

    Slow news week…

    No one really cares about this piece of shit wife beater except for Mike (who seems to have some sort of a hardon for him).

  7. Ari Bass


    That’s because I am gay and I love Mike South’s cock and have
    fantasies of that cock in my pegging hole.

  8. LurkingReader


    Watching back & forth between Mike & Rob was fun entertainment because you knew something was behind them pushing each others buttons. Seems like since Rob has headed for greener pastures there’s room to push some Whiteacre buttons.

    Since Whiteacre didn’t know me from adam and decided that was a good reason to pull his asshole card I can’t think of a better guy to have some just desserts.

    Considered doing a post pointing out articles where he uses manipulation of facts to intentionally mislead vs inform….not worth a post to document …every article he ever penned.

    Big difference between Rob who is often like an uncle telling fish stories at Sunday Supper and Whiteacre holding himself out to be someone with journalistic integrity. Exaggerated stories can be charming while the other is just plain exasperating.

  9. mharris127

    Fake Ari, I can guarantee that Mike South will never fuck you up the ass. Stick to getting Fake Christina’s strap-on in your ass, Fake Ari.

  10. Jamie Profit

    Oy MHarris
    You throw Whiteacre and Mike South in a
    Jail cell together which would never happen
    and Whiteacre doesn’t care. He is a Mentally Ill
    and it all feels the same to him.

  11. mharris127

    Jamie, I was more trying to have a little fun at the expense of an obvious troll. The “Ari” posting here is not Michael Whiteacre/Ari Bass. I have seen enough of his posts both here and on his own site that I can tell that “Ari’s” posts here aren’t him. Whiteacre may like his wife to strap on a strap-on and fuck him up the ass but he won’t admit to it in public (I can’t really say for sure whether he would enjoy the five-male bubba welcome he would receive in the Clark County Jail if he were there long enough to get out of the common holding area and actually get locked into a pod). I do know that Mike South won’t fuck any guy up the ass, he fucks only women (and videotapes his encounters for subscribers to enjoy).

    I would (almost) like to see Aaliyah Love take a strap-on the size of Mount Everest to Whiteacre’s ass and have it posted on Kink.com, however. I say almost because Aaliyah is so cute that I don’t want her getting beaten to a pulp War Machine style in the process (in reference to the multiple domestic violence charges pending against Whiteacre).

  12. Danny Davis

    I hear you on that Matthew.
    Mick South’s the man. He get to
    pound some really good looking chicks and
    shoots his own porn videos. Whiteacre will have
    problems with a 4 inch penis getting that shit marketed
    unless Peter Ackworth helps him out for helping Kink.com
    out in Vegas and such. Anyway, He has got a private attorney
    to try and get him out of the Felony convictions he is looking at
    time for and he is continuing to steal Monica Foster’s copyrighted
    content on put it on his bullshit twitter account @mrjewacre. He is
    a fucking total stupid ass piece of shit allright.

  13. mharris127

    I am sure if Whiteacre wanted to be male talent he could get a job at Kink taking Madeline’s strap-on in his ass (and her cattle prod to his dick) for Divine Bitches or Whipped Ass as they always need new talent for those scenes. For some reason he hasn’t done any scenes as male talent for Kink yet but I’m guessing if he runs out of money to pay his attorney with we could see that in the near future. Multiple sources say he takes strap-on to the ass anyway, he should just take a few scenes and get paid for it IMO (I actually think he would get quite a few fans of his performances with that “devil man” look he has nowadays). Of course it might be a short career as he is facing two charges of domestic violence, has likely violated his probation on an assault charge and may be facing perjury charges for lying about his income and assets on his application for a public defender (how would he be able to afford so many excursions to LA and SF on a pauper’s income — he wouldn’t).

    BTW Whiteacre, there aren’t any strap-ons in the Clark County Jail but there is this cute intake officer named Nicole (CCJ is featured on the TV show Jail and she is on it). Next time you get locked up, see if you can give her some dick while you are waiting for your bail hearing. 🙂

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