Happy Birthday A-Dell

And there were porners abiding in the field, keeping watch over their contract girls by night, and lo the man of Jewn came upon them and the glory of the Jewn shone round about them, and they were sore afraid, and Jewn said unto them, fear not, for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all porners. For unto you is born this day in the city of Chatsworth, a PR savior who is Adella. And suddenly there was with the angels a multitude of the heavenly contract girls, praising Jewn and saying, Glory to Digital Playground in highest sales and peace in the valley of porn and good will to men.

Having A Little fun On IM:

This is an IM conversation I had last night…yes I was bored.

monica_jones_love: <ding>
monica_jones_love: hello
monica_jones_love: how are you doing
xxxsouth: im fine
xxxsouth: what can i do for you?
monica_jones_love: i will like to chat with you
xxxsouth: ok you are chatting with me
xxxsouth: do you know who I am?
xxxsouth: anything about me at all?
monica_jones_love: i read your profile and am interested in knowing you more better
xxxsouth: i see
monica_jones_love: anyway my name is mary
monica_jones_love: monica
xxxsouth: mary monica huh
xxxsouth: where are you from mary monica
monica_jones_love: Am from florida but right now am in dubai to run my late husband business
xxxsouth: oh i see
monica_jones_love: what do u do for living
xxxsouth: i shave monkeys

I loved this and I owe it all to Ebolamonkeyman.com

monica_jones_love: how do u mean?
xxxsouth: with a razor usually
xxxsouth: sometimes you have to use dog clippers to start though
xxxsouth: you know for the really hairy ones
monica_jones_love: do u own the company
xxxsouth: of course i do
xxxsouth: its a highly specialized field
monica_jones_love: oh that is nice
xxxsouth: what do you do?
monica_jones_love: i run oil and gas company
monica_jones_love: how old are you
xxxsouth: 48
xxxsouth: oil and gas huh
xxxsouth: so i bet you are as rich as I am almost
monica_jones_love: lol
monica_jones_love: am 32 years old
monica_jones_love: do u have any kids
monica_jones_love: i have a son 7 years old
xxxsouth: no kids unless you count my 19 year old girlfriend
monica_jones_love: lol
xxxsouth: I met her through my work…I shaved her monkey
monica_jones_love: so what are you looking for in relation
xxxsouth: in a relation I am primarily interested in tuples and attributes

These are terms from tuple relational calculus..remember I worked for years with relational databases relatin is a table, a tuple is a record and an attribute is a field in that tuple

monica_jones_love: oh ic
xxxsouth: and what do you look for?
monica_jones_love: anyway am looking for a long time relationship
xxsouth: you have a 7 year old son that seems rather long time to me
xxxsouth: do you need your monkey shaved?
monica_jones_love: lol
xxxsouth: whay are you laughing?
monica_jones_love: what is the name of your company
monica_jones_love: You sound funny
xxxsouth: how did you know I have an accent?
xxxsouth: are you really in dubai?
monica_jones_love: oh yes
monica_jones_love: why do u ask
xxxsouth: just curious
xxxsouth: so you are the second largest emirate

Abu Dhabi is the largest of the 7 Ubited Arab Emirates, Dubai is second

xxxsouth: there isnt that much oil revenue in dubai is there

only about 10% of the GNP from Dubai is oil, the biggest industries are tourism and JAFZ which is a program that gives companies huge tax incentives to relocate there…I knew all that polysci would come in handy some day

xxxsouth: you must do pretty well
xxxsouth: seems the JAFZ is doing quite well?
xxxsouth: <ding>
xxxsouth: where did you go
xxxsouth: gee let me guess you are just another fucking scumbag cocksucker trying to con people on the internet huh?



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