The Royal Wedding Caused Temporary Dip in Pornhub’s Immense Traffic

The Royal Wedding stats you really care about are in!

It seems like just the other day that Britain’s Prince Harry announced his engagement and Pornhub Insights revealed that Searches for Meghan Markle shot up by 2208%. In fact that was only last November, and their romance recently culminated in a fairy tale royal wedding at Westminster Abbey on May 19.

Metro UK asked if the ceremony’s live coverage had an effect on Pornhub’s traffic and searches. Our statisticians soon discovered that as the ceremony began, worldwide traffic plummeted by a massive 10%, lead by a 21% drop in the United Kingdom and 6% in the United States.

The Royal Wedding Caused A Big Drop In Pornhub Traffic

Across the United Kingdom, traffic during the ceremony was down -21% in England, -19% in Wales, -15% in Scotland and -14% in Northern Ireland. Traffic remained below average throughout the rest of the day, with a further drop of -17% in England around 5pm.

We were surprised to see that France was the country with the biggest traffic drop of -23% during the ceremony. Traffic in Chile was down -20%, -19% in Italy and -18% in New Zealand, The Netherlands and Turkey. Commonweath countries Australia and Canada were down -17% and -16% respectively.

Usually, the most common search phrase is simply for porn from the country of origin, i.e. French people searching for porn featuring French people. People just like to wank in their own language.

Once again it was Meghan Markle that most captured everyone’s attention, as Pornhub searches for her name increased steadily in the days before and after the wedding, reaching as high as +2812% on May 21st. Only about 75% of searchers manage to spell Meghan’s name correctly. The next most searched variation is “Megan Markle”, followed by “Megan Markel”.

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