Lenna Lux Releases Her Debut Album - Thottin Hours

Lenna Lux aka Yung Thot Releases Her Debut Album – Thottin Hours @lennaluxxx

Barely legal cutie Lenna Lux (@lennaluxxx) has been a busy girl lately. Not only has she been blowing up in the adult industry but she’s also doing her own music under the name of “Yung Thot”.

Her debut album “Thottin Hours” releases today and is available on both iTunes and Spotify.

In the porn world, Lenna Lux is represented by LA Direct Models. You can learn more about getting her on your set by clicking here.


3 Replies to “Lenna Lux aka Yung Thot Releases Her Debut Album – Thottin Hours @lennaluxxx”

  1. mharris127

    Lenna has watched too much Jerry Springer. That is the only venue where “thot” was said regularly. That is OK, Lena Paul has made reference to “thot” on her Twitter description. I am personally not a fan of the word but that is just me.

  2. mharris127

    I think almost everyone should be able to make most decisions as they wish. As long as they met their societal obligations and don’t hurt people let them do as they may. That doesn’t mean I have to hire them or even associate with them but I don’t want to start a full-on dictatorship. As for the word “thot”, I just personally don’t like it but I am not a fan of calling all loose women thots or whores (I have a much narrower definition of whore and don’t generally use the term thot).

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