Stormy Daniels Celebrity Big Brother Scandal

Is the Stormy Daniels Celebrity Big Brother Scandal Fake?

Many have speculated that the Stormy Daniels ordeal going on right now on the set of Celebrity Big Brother UK, was orchestrated drama just to stir up publicity for the show, that her mainstream agent Gina Rodriguez is known for this kind of thing.

Stormy Daniels Celebrity Big Brother Scandal

But one of the producers, working behind the scenes revealed something very different.

Its been a living nightmare to deal with if I am honest. Of course, she thinks she is above everyone. Stormy has been drama after drama. She has and was very unprofessional. I have spent 20 years helping adult stars transition into mainstream or regular jobs. This one and her actions have harmed a lot of people. She is not above anyone else and needs to remember how business is conducted.

For those not sure what’s going on, Stormy Daniels was hired to appear on this season of Celebrity Big Brother over in the UK. She was rumored to have been offered a whopping £750,000 ($956,000 USD).

5 hours before the live launch of Celebrity Big Brother, Stormy Daniels left. Rumors began to fly as to why. Some say she wanted more money. Others are saying she pulled out at the last minute because the producers of the show wanted to script a result that she wouldn’t go along with.

What do you think? Is the whole thing faked just for publicity for the show or do you really think she’s all the drama and diva that they are making her out to be?


3 Replies to “Is the Stormy Daniels Celebrity Big Brother Scandal Fake?”

  1. Fisher

    You don’t fly all the way to the UK just to pull out at the last minute if it weren’t a publicity stunt.

  2. lukas411

    Totally agree. These things r all planned out way in advance. She knew how the show worked and exactly what they expected of her long b4 she got on that airplane.

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