War Machine and Christy Mack

War Machine’s trial continues on in Las Vegas

AVN has been doing a great job covering the War Machine trial, but If you haven’t been keeping up, today is the 4th day of the sexual assault/kidnapping/attempted murder trial of War Machine.

You might recall War Machine beat the living hell out of porn star Christy Mack and her “friend” Corey Thomas, who was with her at the time War Machine showed up to her apartment.

He now faces 34 criminal counts, including sexual assault, attempted murder and kidnapping.

Christy Mack Assault

Christy Mack said War Machine “kicked her so hard in her ribs she collapsed and started convulsing, the New York Daily News reported.

“Now I have to kill you, I’ve gone too far,” Mack said Koppenhaver told her. “You can’t be seen like this. Everyone’s gonna know.”

Later, Mack said, she thought she’d blacked out from the attack, suddenly finding herself in the shower, naked, and tasting blood in her mouth.

He forced her to strip naked and repeatedly punched and kicked her, breaking several of her teeth. He then began checking out her social media accounts, and hitting her in the face every time he found something he did not like.

The savage beating took place on August 8, 2013. It’s taken all these years for it to finally come to trial.


If convicted he faces life in prison.

David Schuman from KTNV 13 has been live tweeting the trial. You can follow him @david_schuman.





7 Replies to “War Machine’s trial continues on in Las Vegas”

  1. mharris127

    I am not a Christy Mack fan but I think what War Machine did to her should merit him being executed by hanging or firing squad. The new owners may or may not be aware of this but War had another violent incident 3-4 years before he fucked up Christy (there is an article on it here somewhere although there are so many searching for it is difficult). If I recall nine people were hurt by War that time including one severely when he started a fight over a different girlfriend at an industry party. Within a year he was back performing like that had never happened. War Machine is a violent person that cannot control his temper and even in prison will be an incident waiting to happen. Even if he is in solitary confinement guards and medical staff are in serious danger at whatever jail or prison he ends up at. People like War are the reason our SCOTUS is wrong in their ruling that only murderers can legally be executed in the US.

  2. mharris127

    I wish I could “like” your comment on here, Kelli. I also hope a prison “five bubba club” fucks him up like he did Christy and her friend. One or two on one War is unbeatable but get five or ten of the prison’s biggest and most muscular prisoners on him and he is fucked.

  3. schlermy

    Definitely looks like a life sentence for War Machine. I bet he won’t last more than a few years before he offs himself or gets kilt.

    Oh, his EXTREMELY LAME attempt at being a nice/loveable guy by posting pictures of puppie dogs and bible quotes on twitter was pathetic!

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