Porn’s ‘Anarchy Twins’ now lawyers in Dubai, in hot water over ‘cursing at’ Arab policewoman

Twin lawyers charged in Dubai with insulting and assaulting an Arab policewoman are former porn stars known as the ‘Anarchy Twins’ — so named after the Israeli-owned company that distributed their videos.

Twin blondes Alena and Sasha Parker, who flaunt their luxury lifestyle online with champagne toasts and bikini shots, were born in 1981, in Belarus (then part of the Soviet Union). They funded their London law studies in part with work in porn approximately fourteen years ago.

The twins starred in the “London Shaggers” series, shot in Great Britain.

Porn's 'Anarchy Twins' now lawyers in Dubai, in hot water over 'cursing at' Arab policewoman

The sisters, who were also billed as “The Love Twins”, now work for elite Dubai-based law firm Al Safar & Partners.

As The Sun reports

The racy covers give an insight into the twins’ party-loving lifestyle, which they appear to have taken with them to Dubai when they moved there in 2007.

Dozens of glitzy snaps flood their social media accounts showing them soaking up the Arabian sunshine.

Flashy Rolex watches, a sparking diamond ring, supercars and luxury pleasure yachts are all flaunted.

Alena’s British ex husband Miles Parker — whose name Sasha also took to match her sister — said he met them when he was making a film in Russia.


A court battle looms after the party girl pair appeared before a judge on Monday charged with cursing at, “insulting, resisting arrest by and physically assaulting a policewoman”. A conviction could see them jailed for three years.

Court records show Alena and Sasha were allegedly found drunk in the Al Barsha suburb by a police patrol on August 4 last year.

A police report claimed that cops “found the two intoxicated British [legal] advocates were behaving outrageously” — with Alena having suffered an injured hand that required treatment by paramedics.

The pair’s lawyers said they will produce security camera video that will prove that the Parker twins are innocent — or at least not guilty LOL.

The twins remain out on bail, and probably on the party scene.

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