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Grand Jury Indicted Seth Redell on Murder of Piper Perri’s 2 Year Old Son

It’s been almost two years now since news broke that Piper Perri’s son died. The man arrested for his murder was Seth Redell, Piper Perri’s boyfriend, who was babysitting the 2-year-old while Piper Perri was out of town working.

Seth Redell
Seth Redell, Piper Perri’s boyfriend who was charged with second-degree murder of her 2-year-old son

At first, Redell said the boy fell and hit his head near the back door of the house and was unconscious. The child was transported to University Medical Center, where he died five days later. This all took place in April of 2016.

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office said Redell’s story changed several times, but that he told police he took Umbenhower to the shower after the fall and ran water over his head in an attempt to revive him.

The child died as a result of injuries consistent with shaken baby syndrome. He suffered from subdural hematomas, brain swelling and retinal hemorrhaging in both eyes.

Hayden Axel Umbenhower

Seth Redell was initially let out on a $500,000 bond and faces mandatory life in prison if convicted.

It’s been two years now and we learned today that a Jefferson Parish grand jury has indicted him on a charge of second-degree murder for the killing of Piper Perri’s 2-year-old son in 2016.

This is the first step in the process.

His case is now set to be heard by Judge Scott Schlegel in 24th Judicial District Court in Gretna, Louisiana and again he faces mandatory life in prison if convicted.

I’ve been trying to stay on top of this story but it’s not easy. There isn’t a lot of information available about the case and the legal process so far has been very slow going. The one odd thing that struck me as odd was that the father of the baby was not mentioned in the baby’s obituary. The obituary acknowledged the baby’s mother, her parents, the baby’s father’s parents and grandparents, but not him.

Here is a picture of the baby’s father with Piper Perri from May of 2015.

They broke up after the baby was born and it was then that Piper Perri got with Seth Redell, the man who would end up killing her baby.

When her son died, Piper Perri had his organs donated, so parts of him will live on. “His heart went to a little girl under the age of 5 in Arizona, his liver went to a little boy under the age of 5 in New York, and both of his kidneys went to a man in his 40’s in Pennsylvania.”

Piper Perri

To my knowledge, she has not publicly spoken about the trial, her ex-boyfriend or the death of her son.

The only other thing we know about Seth Redell is that he has prior arrests for possession of marijuana along with aggravated robbery in 2007 in Ohio. That may possibly effect his sentencing if he is found guilty of the child’s death once he finally goes to trial.

We’ll keep you updated on information about this case as information becomes available.







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  1. mharris127

    Assuming he is the killer I am glad he is charged with Piper’s son’s murder but this has to be hell on Piper. Two years after her son’s death is a long time to wait for charging someone for his murder. If it were me this would be like tearing open a large, half-healed wound with a pair of pliers — in this case sending Piper back into the depths of mourning. I hope that Seth is convicted (assuming he actually did it), sentenced to life at Angola (Louisiana’s men’s prison), forced to tend to Angola’s crops every day (Angola is the last prison in the US where inmates are forced to grow their own food) and tortured every night. Unfortunately for Piper and her family Angola is a pretty light prison as far as inmate on inmate torture is concerned (so he might actually maintain his ass virginity there) but that is what the Louisiana penal system has to work with. The arraignment and trial process has to be utter hell on Piper, though. With mandatory life there is little chance Seth will plead out and spare her testifying at and having to watch his trial. I hope she is strong enough to survive it.

    RIP Piper’s son.

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