Study Hard: Pornhub offers $25K Human Sexuality Research Grant to College Students

Pornhub, the world’s most-visited porn site, recently relaunched its Sexual Wellness Center, a hub that offers a “holistic approach to informing” people about sexual health. Now, the site has announced a $25,000 grant for “a human sexuality research project” to be awarded to full-time faculty members for a specific research project in which they support research work carried out by university students under their direction.

Since launching in early 2017, the Pornhub Sexual Wellness Center has become home to hundreds of articles authored by dozens of doctors, counselors and community leaders, all specializing in different aspects of sexual health. Touching on everything from the biological to the social components of sexual life, under the direction of Dr. Laurie Betito, the PSWC prides itself in offering those consulting the site a truly holistic approach to informing themselves on becoming healthier, happier and more responsible when it comes to sex.

It is in this spirit that the Pornhub Sexual Wellness Center proudly announces the inauguration of the Pornhub Grant for Sexual Wellness Research. With the goal of supporting crucial academic work, this $25,000 grant has been created with the intention to help find new solutions, answers and methods with which to approach current issues pertaining to human sexuality.

Applications must be received by May 1st 2018 and must be completed using the form here.

Grant recipients must agree to present their findings in part or in full in article(s) to be published on the Sexual Wellness Center.

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Pornhub Sexual Wellness Center Relaunches

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