Smash Pictures Acquires Combat Zone and Filly Films

Smash Pictures Acquires Combat Zone and Filly Films

At the end of may longtime Combat Zone / Filly Films employee Rebekah announced she was no longer going to be working for the company. Although she didn’t say why she did say “Oh, there’s no plans to return to Filly Films. Although it’s an amicable split.”

It seems like Dionn the longtime owner of Combat Zone and the sister company Filly Films has sold off the assets to Smash Pictures.

As far as Rebekah goes, she’s not sure what the future holds for her but you can follow her on her personal twitter @foochiela. She did say that perhaps one day she’ll return to the porn industry but for now, she’ll taking it day by day.





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  1. mharris127

    My question now is what will Stuart at Smash do with Combat Zone and Filly Films? Did he just buy them for the back catalog and shut them down or is he going to keep the brands and production schedule going and manage three different studios making three times the content? I haven’t seen very many of any of their movies anyway but I wasn’t aware of him having the cash flow to even buy the back catalog of another studio (Combat Zone has been around for a while, they probably had at least 500 movies not including Filly Films — even at $100 per movie the back catalog alone would be $50K plus and who is going to sell a fully operating production studio for $50K, the camera and editing equipment alone is probably worth that), how is he going to bankroll the increased production schedule if he doesn’t just shut his new purchases down? If he intends to shut down Combat Zone et. al., why would he pay the operating studio price for content — that isn’t cheap even in a fire-sale situation. If the studio was using older 1080p professional camera equipment (and tripods, monitors, boom microphones, lighting, etc) that would add up to $10K or more on the used market, if the cameras are newer 4K cameras you can multiply that by ten. Even two year old editing computers and associated equipment would come to $3K-$5K on the used market (and $25K or so if new), if they are editing in 4K their editing rigs are at least that new (and top of the line with a high-line two CPU Xeon system and external RAID storage with at least 60TB of HDD capacity) or editing would be a nightmare. Any contract talent Combat/Filly had would add to the price as well (I don’t know of any but they aren’t really on my radar). When buying an operating business there is also “goodwill”, meaning the customer base and reputation of the company being purchased. That is at least $250K due to the longstanding operation of Combat Zone and their not that poor reputation or I would have read/heard of it by now (as for Stuart’s/Smash’s reputation, search for Lia Lor on this site for a not so shining example of his/their reputation and what he did to her a few years ago — I concede that he has had a chance to clean up his act and would consider giving him a chance as nothing has came out like that about him in several years but that one still sticks in my mind). I estimate the going price of Combat/Filly would be at least $500K when all was said and done, if Filly has a large back catalog of films as well the price could skyrocket from there.

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