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Pretenders Beware

Any small-fry porn producer or up-and-coming girl trying to make a splash in the porn industry is probably aware of the adult job board SexyJobs.com.  They’re probably also aware that it sucks. Not only does it look like it was created in 1994 but it’s populated with about 90% dudes posing as producers to try to hook up with models.

This isn’t just bad for girls, it’s bad for producers as well.  Obviously, it’s bad for the girls because they spend time trying to connect with legit producers only to find fakers and horny college guys.  This quickly frustrates the girls causing them to become gun-shy about answering emails from anyone, even the bona fide producers.  So even if you’re a real-deal producer you can have trouble getting models to respond to you.

Competition is a wonderful thing and now we’ve got some in the adult job board game.  A new site called www.LewdWork.com has hit the web in an apparent attempt to eat SexyJobs’ lunch.  It’s clearly targeting SJ as its name, LewdWork is really just another way to say SexyJobs.  I can attest that it looks better and more modern than SJ’s purple and blue mess.

I joined just to give it a look over and it appears that whoever’s running the site is actually making an attempt to vet producers.  Each producer gets ranked on a scale of 1 to 3.  A 3 means you’re a totally known and accepted producer or talent agent.  1 means nobody’s ever heard of you and you have no existing body of work and 2 is somewhere in between.  As a girl, you can have LewdWork deny the level 1 creeps from emailing you.  Whether this will truly keep LewdWork from becoming just a better-looking site full of pretenders is hard to say, but at least they’re trying.

It’s also quite a bit easier to navigate and find people.  The girls’ photos and profiles are presented to you before anything else so you can very quickly eyeball who you like best without requiring a dozen clicks or having to sift through a page of information you don’t care about.

It’s also evidently free for both models and producers.  I would imagine that if it actually takes off that probably won’t hold up and they’ll start charging a monthly fee but if it turns out to be a better solution for model-recruiting (and the fee is reasonable) I see no problem with that.  That’s just business.

If you’re a producer (a REAL producer) or a girl, I’d say give www.LewdWork.com a look.  It’s quite…reasonable.


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  1. Nate - Webcam Startup

    Not to mention all the accusations of bot traffic / accounts on all of these different job sites.

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