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I tried to get Adella to respond to some questions I had for this bit but she apparently is irritated that I broke the news before it was supposed to be broken. It’s a common affliction within porn that when things don’t go according to your plans to just respond by being a bitch.

All that aside this is an interesting thing.  For starters most of the sites that reported on the official version didn’t really get it right, Adella was never technically an employee of Digital Playground, she was an independent contractor whose only client was Digital Playground so she had a company all along.

So now she is leaving DP and presumeably that means that DP isn’t sharing her, so she is out on her own.  Let me tell ya, if you are currently paying one of the retards that popped up and started calling themselves a PR person, you should be looking at hiring Adella, she is the real deal. If you want a person who will write a half assed press release and send it to a few sites that will post a press release about a ham sandwich, and tell you they got you good PR, then by all means go to one of them.

If, on the other hand you need a real PR person and you have goals, direction and something she can work with Adella can take you places that nobody else can even dream of.

It will be interesting to see who Adella’s first client will be…Hint It’s already a done deal, she is just holding off announcing to maximize the exposure.

This is a tough time in porn to be striking out on your own, but for Adella she will likely do well because she is an established name and is widely considered to be among the best at what she does. While the talent pool as a whole is shrinking and getting less and less work The number of talent who really do need a good PR person will remain the same.  Companies, contract girls and the like.

I do wish Adella the best but I don’t think I need to because she is good and she will do well with Fine Ass Marketing.

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  1. jeffmullen

    No doubt Adella is great and at the top of the game but I like to think we gave her a run for her money back when we were doing PR full time and even recently with X-Play. The measure of a good PR person or company is how many #1 hits have you had and do you bring financial value to your client and I think the record is pretty clear on that. In reference to Mike’s story; no ham sandwiches here at X-Play/All Media Play just big turkey sandwiches filled with heaping amounts of bull. Let me tell you those sandwiches continue to do the trick lol. Good luck to Adella I love that bitch!

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