Nacho Vidal Tests Positive For HIV

According to the El Nacional Catalan, a news source in Barcelona, Nacho Vidal is the performer who tested HIV positive and is the source of the industry shutdown. The concern for our market is that several girls were recently in Europe and that means there could be some first or second generation exposures in our own talent pool.

Nacho Vidal has HIV, all porn filming in Europe suspended.

Nacho Vidal has HIV. The porn industry in Europe is paralyzed. All X-rated film production is paused for a month. This is the usual protocol when an adult film actor or actress becomes infected with a sexually transmitted disease.

Now, all porn performers, even those who have not worked with the Catalan actor, will undergo new medical tests to check for any STDs. The news has already sent shockwaves through the sector as his colleagues find out: “Nacho Vidal tested positive for HIV”. Industry sources have told El Nacional that the test was carried out by the best clinic in Barcelona.

Asked for comment by a reporter from El Nacional’s En Blau, he replied: “I don’t know where you’ve got the info but it’s in very bad taste. I won’t say anything thanks”. We’ve been able to speak with a number of industry sources who confirm that the news is recent and that Spain’s Social Security service is applying its normal procedure in such cases and calling his recent sexual partners to give them appointments to be tested themselves.

En Blau has seen the list of actresses who have filmed recently with Vidal; they’re all aware of the news. Industry sources confirm that none of the scenes involved condoms because that’s what porn consumers want.

Vidal is expected to confirm the reports in a statement in the coming hours. En Blau has spoken to a woman who filmed a scene with him just days ago. She’s very scared because, although she has tested negative since having unprotected sex with the actor, it’s not necessarily been long enough for anything to show up. She’ll have to wait and hope. Vidal’s agent phoned her personally to give her the news.

Industry sources are surprised Vidal himself hasn’t commented yet and wonder if he might have sold the exclusive.

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  1. boomcoin

    I hope this will put an end to the talk about allowing hiv+ stars who are on their meds work with hiv- peeps. Not worth the risk!

  2. Mr Horse Kak

    Mosquitoes has left Magic Johonson’s house vacationed in Prague for a little and is headed to Trinity’s Trap house in LA where Gregg Dodson is shacking up flipping X overs names to enter all talent pool
    Have you no soul. Stop

  3. Tyranny Jackson

    I’m sure I heard that dude had HIV years ago. So how the hell that boy still performing all these years later?

  4. Karmafan

    Supposedly he has been HIV+ since 2004 and hid it with meds. Guess Tori Black must not be too happy considering she did a Tushy scene with him recently.

  5. Bigboutya

    Dafib, cause it’ll cost folks money. To use the 1st 2 letters of your name, da. He did a triple anal with Charlie Mac for legal porno

  6. Bigboutya

    Back in the day I used to sell my dvds to this guy. I recall he wanted a refund back because 1 scene had Nacho Vidal fingering some chick. I thought she was squirting, dude insisted it was blood

  7. mharris127

    Karma, others in the industry have got AIDS after taking tranny dick up their asses. John Stagliano is one. I am surprised Christian XXX doesn’t have AIDS after all the tranny dick he has taken up the ass. American tranny dick might be (relatively) safe but go to Brazil and anyone taking tranny dick up the ass is just asking for an AIDS infection. Stags got his AIDS infection in Brazil. Who the fuck knows where Nacho got it, he has been fucking regularly on every continent except Antarctica for decades now. Now does the performer population believe us when we say that both an ELISA/Western Blot series and a PCR-RNA are necessary to keep the performer population safe?

    Also, this might change the Cameron Bay situation drastically. Did Cameron ever perform with Nacho Vidal? If she got AIDS from Nacho a lot of what I have said about the situation over the years is moot (although she still didn’t get AIDS on a Kink set).

  8. dafib

    Big – You don’t have to be a jerk about it. I understand the money involved. The porn industry is fighting stereo types and condom legislation. Not taking action on a known infection such as this will hurt the industry and cause loss of more money than a shut down will. They are protecting short term profits at the risk of long term gain. Bad business.

  9. dafib

    Statement from FSC on 2/14:

    The Free Speech Coalition has learned of a confirmed positive test for HIV in Spain. The performer had never tested within the PASS database.
    Unlike shoots in the US and Canada, productions in Europe do not currently have access to a standardized and unified system such as the PASS database. While FSC-PASS does not have the power to mandate and control a production hold in Europe, we strongly urge that producers and performers in Europe immediately stop filming.
    The case in question is not believed to be related to North American productions. We are working with PASS-affiliated testing doctors at CET and TTS, as well as partners in Europe, to determine what risk, if any, might exist for performers in the PASS system.
    In regards to EU productions, FSC strongly recommends:
    • That producers and performers immediately engage in a production hold. While FSC has no ability to mandate or control such a hold in Europe, we would urge in the strongest possible terms that production stops for at least 28 days, and up to two months, until the scope of contacts is known and the performer population can be retested.
    • Performers retest with an HIV RNA qualitative test, rather than the less sensitive Europe-standard ELISA antibody test.
    In regards to US productions, FSC strongly recommends:
    • Only work with PASS-tested performers.
    • Do not work with anyone beyond the the PASS mandated 14 day test standard.
    • If you are about to work with non-US based talent, require a new test.
    • If you have worked on a European set, or with a non-PASS-tested performer, within the past two weeks, retest.
    FSC-PASS will continue to monitor the situation and is working with PASS-affiliated clinics to determine if there is any increase in incidence for US-based performers in the PASS system.
    As a community we urge everyone to be compassionate and considerate of the difficult time the performer who was just diagnosed is going through.

  10. mharris127

    Hop, if Cameron fucked Nacho on a set and shortly thereafter got AIDS, it brings the Kink case front and center. If it can be proven that she got AIDS on a set other than Kink’s, it puts her lifetime wage replacement on their workman’s comp account and not Kink’s. Therefore Kink is part of this and it is appropriate to bring their case up.

    Also, Hop, go fuck Nacho Vidal and take his cum deep in your asshole. As for me returning to ADT, I haven’t even thought about it. The few times I have looked at their forum lately show that the management there has become even more conservative than it used to be. Since I don’t want a ban from there on my record I probably won’t return anytime soon. I don’t need you fucking with me in a place where I can’t give it back to you in spades. Now go get Nacho’s AIDS and then go suck and fuck dick for Treasure Island Media, Hop! You need every kind of AIDS around in your body destroying it.

  11. mharris127

    Mr. Big, herpes is the “gift” that keeps on “giving”. Unfortunately, so is AIDS. If Nacho has really had AIDS or HIV since 2004 and has performed up to January 2019 he needs to have his dick and balls cut off and shoved down his throat after being fucked up the ass by three AIDS infested trannies and taking their cum deep up his AIDS infested asshole!!!!! Tori Black should also be allowed to use Nacho as a pinata with a baseball bat after he is hogtied tightly from behind then suspended from a ceiling by BDSM masters PD, Daniel Intraub, Cyd Black and Lew Reubens.

  12. joeschmoe

    Yeah, there were rumors about him way back then too . ChristianXXX has had to deal with rumors like that too as he does/did a lot of civilian fucking in Brazil and we know how much he hates condoms. But , people can be undetectable on the industry test now as long as their meds work correctly. Problem with that is there are so many variables that can spike your viral load very quickly (like one could literally leave their meds behind for a day out and miss them for 24 hours and be transmittable for a small window until the meds lower it down again). Scientifically you can not transmit if your viral load is “undetectable” but you have to be nearly flawless day in and day out to stay that way. It is very fragile so to not disclose this or not allow the other test that can identify that you have HIV even with this low viral load, is dangerous for porn.

    Also, Brazil and Columbia have a huge population of trans girls (who end up mostly being sex workers to pay for all the tits and buttlifts and so forth) that are willing to bareback quite easily so the infection rates are so high down there in the trans community. Over in Thailand some researchers estimate the sex worker ladyboys are 25 or more percent with HIV because again, they will bareback quite easily if the right price is in front of them.

    Nacho has looked like shit in recent years, one could attribute that to his lifestyle, but either way he has not taken care of his body that is for sure.

  13. Justice

    In the story he said that Europe uses the old school ELSA test which takes 30 to 60 days. So that means he’s had it for months and they claim there are only 9 1st gen exposures? I call bullshit.

  14. mharris127

    Thanks, Joe. If Cocksucker Sing could only be so respectful in his commenting. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me but don’t make 99% of your posts just to insult and fuck with me, Cocksucker Sing.

  15. mharris127

    Justice, Nacho worked in both the US and Europe. Maybe he was lucky and he was caught on a US VD panel, shortening the window period. There are rumors that he has had it since 2004, though — if that is true he had been using PCR-RNA tests for a long time as ELISA testing would have caught it within three months of infection.

  16. FrancD2020

    Which performers are most at risk right now? I saw more than a few that released with LP during a time frame that I assume means they would have been shooting end of July/start of Feb. Hopefully no one gets anything serious, but LP shoots scenes that are a bit gross in my opinion and pretty risk. I don’t need or want to see a triple anal pen every fucking group video.

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