FSC to Host HIV Talk at AVN Show

The FSC announced today their plans to discuss HIV stigma and the possibility of those who are HIV positive but taking their medication into the mainstream talent pool and that means approving them in the PASS system.

The Free Speech Coalition will host a special, one-hour panel discussion on HIV in the adult industry, in hopes of inspiring a discussion of what negotiation of health, safety and consent looks like among performers.

The goal of the panel is to break down the stigma and misinformation around HIV and HIV transmission, and to help performers understand how PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis), TasP (Treatment As Prevention) and U=U (Undetectable = Untransmittable) can help prevent HIV transmission on-set and off.

“The adult industry has long been a leader in HIV prevention and education,” said Eric Paul Leue, Executive Director of Free Speech Coalition. “Even so, there is still a lot of misinformation and stigma about HIV and HIV transmission within the industry. As a longtime activist and educator, I want this conversation to advance our understanding of HIV.and HIV prevention.”

The panel will include Atlanta-based Dr. David Holland, the Chief of Communicable Disease Prevention for Fulton County, Georgia; Bella Bathory, Co-Director of the Sex Workers Outreach Project Los Angeles (SWOP-LA); adult performer and anti-stigma activist Charlotte Sartre, and Matthew Rose, Board Member for SWOP National, and Policy and Advocacy Manager of the NMAC (formerly the National Minority AIDS Council).

The panel will be moderated by Candace Moore, M.S., a Dallas-based public health administrator with a focus on biomedical and behavioral HIV prevention, transgender healthcare, and a queer sexual health activist.

“We’re bringing together medical experts, sex workers, activists and educators to engage directly with producers, performers, agents and others, to talk about one of the most highly fraught issues facing the industry,” says Leue. “I hope by confronting stigma head on, we can really help change the way HIV prevention is discussed in the industry.”

Performers, producers and others interested can submit questions in advance here.

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  1. Bigboutya

    Wtf does “HIV in the adult industry” mean? I thought once you got the monster your ass was out, unless if you own Evil Angel?

  2. Viktor

    Did you happen to notice that one of the persons on that panel of the FSC sponsored event at AVN regarding HIV, is “anti-stigma activist” Charlotte Sartre who can currently be found shooting in Prague for Legal Porno in the middle of the syphilis moratorium. And of course any person who dare suggests that it not such a good idea she would just accuse them of stigmatizing her.

  3. mharris127

    You guys are fucking good! Viktor has found out that Charlotte Sartre is shooting in Prague, XXX Insider found out that Leigh Raven and Nikki Hearts are also shooting in Prague (all for Legal Porno) and Mr. Big said that Syren De Mer was at least over in Europe recently (no statement that Syren actually shot during the Hungarian syphilis moratorium, though, or that she even shot in Hungary at all — and from what I know of her I doubt she shot during a moratorium and virtually certainly didn’t shoot during a moratorium knowingly). You guys should get your PI license and work as private investigators.

    Also, what is it with Legal Porno and tatted skanks? Charlotte, Leigh and Nikki all have tats in places that make them look like Grade Z skanks. What the fuck is going on at Legal Porno — are they that desperate for talent that they hire the bottom of the barrel?

  4. Karmafan

    LP caters to a porn crowd that just wants to see girls destroyed. Their nickname is “The Circus”. Most of their scenes involve DPP, DAP, or TAP. Who needs 3 cocks in their ass at the same time for Christ’s sake?

  5. mharris127

    Thanks, Karma. Triple anal just doesn’t interest me so I will avoid the Legal Porno website. I can handle watching a good ol’ JM airtight fucking scene but double anal makes me queasy and triple anal makes me want to puke! Shooting that shit they probably are desperate for talent and therefore haul in USA’s skankiest out of necessity. Can you imagine Aaliyah Love or Julia Ann doing triple anal? I can’t. Skanks like Leigh Raven and Nikki Hearts are so far on the edge of the industry due to their lying and their head to toe skank jobs that they will literally take any porn work coming their way whereas more mainstream performers may stay away from the likes of Legal Porno and the Rob Blacks of the world. Companies like that got spoiled between about 2008-2015 when Kink and Intersec/Insex brought most of the new talent into the industry and although they don’t do triple anal (or triple vaginal) they attracted talent that was used to BDSM and maybe triple anal isn’t that far from some BDSM scenes (especially Intersec’s scenes). That isn’t the case anymore and with that change the talent pool reverted to its past more vanilla preferences — crippling the likes of Legal Porno, Just Dave’s sites and Jim Powers’ tranny movies — forcing them to take skanky looking talent that they wouldn’t have used in scenes just four years ago.

  6. mharris127

    Thanks for the info, Mr. Big. I was aware that Julia Ann did one double anal. That is gay enough but three dicks in the same asshole or cunt, that has to be gay as hell.

    As for Syren, we now have proof she did a scene for Legal Porno (her doing a scene there wasn’t the surprising or problematic part anyway, I just said their triple anals weren’t my cup of tea and that I would not be subscribing to their site). Whether it was filmed during a moratorium we don’t know. If it went live today it was probably filmed at least two weeks ago unless they run a really lean schedule with minimal editing and post production work. I am not sure of the exact date the moratorium started but it made this site 2-3 days ago. A Google search for Hungarian syphilis moratorium came up with bupkis. A search for European syphilis porn filming moratorium also came up with nada. If someone knows the exact date this moratorium started, please post it here. It would help narrow down whether Syren did film during the moratorium although it won’t ascertain whether she knew about it. This is January 19, 2018 which if her LP scene hit today would put her latest likely filming date at January 5. To my knowledge that is about the time she was planning on flying to Europe. A moratorium not headlining on Mike South for 11-12 days is unusual (it hit the site on January 16-17). If I were Syren I wouldn’t perform again until I retested at least ten days after the date of her LP scene out of an abundance of caution (which would likely have been January 15 or earlier) but things are adding up to her not likely working during the moratorium. That doesn’t mean she wasn’t affected, for a moratorium to be called someone had to test positive for syphilis first which meant it was in the Hungarian talent pool for ten days or so if they use Trep-Sure and ninety days or more with the traditional syphilis test. If I were Syren or either of the Skank Twins I would have had ten days of utter fear that I got a relatively rare and noxious VD from some Hungarian idiot. In the case of the Skank Twins they are probably too high to give two fucks but I hope they are responsible enough not to work until ten days from their Hungarian “adventure” have passed and after that their VD tests were negative for any VDs.

  7. mharris127

    Hop, first I didn’t ask to be on the panel. Second, my doctorate is in accountancy so I wouldn’t likely have been asked, anyway. Third, how about I shove my doctorate and university robes up your ass. Better yet, why don’t I shove all three of my university degrees up your ass (yes, I still have the transcripts and the parchments) mixed with Bacardi 151 then light a match to your ass. I bet if a medical doctor did a MRI of your head your brain would be about the size of my flaccid dick and balls, hollowheaded cocksucker.

    Also, Hop, if you can manage to get it up I think you need to go fuck the Skank Twins up the ass and cum deep inside. Oh, maybe you need to fuck a transsexual hooker and take her dick up your ass while you are at it.

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