More The FSC Allowing HIV Positive Performers Is Money Involved?….Bet on it!

Any idea that this is just an unfounded rumor has been put to bed, Eric deLeeuw himself is defending the idea.  A lot of people contacted me asking why would they do this, it makes no sense and indeed it doesn’t until you learn some more bits and pieces of the story.

Evil Angel is likely the only reason that The FSC still exists and the owner of Evil Angel, John Stagliano is long known to have HIV, but John is explaining to most anyone who will listen that he is for all intents and purposes cured and that he and others who have HIV under control to the point that they pass the Aptima Test, should be allowed back in the talent pool.  This puts the FSC in a position that they have been in before (think .XXX, Cutting Edge Testing, Mindgeek  etc.)  do we take the money or do we do what is right by talent and by the industry….No surprise that they took the route they always take….but wait there’s more.

Most performers don’t know it but Eric DeLeeuw has financial ties to Gilead, more on that in a second.

DeLeeuw thinks that prep treatments are a better route for performers, drugs like Truvada are designed to prevent you from catching the virus in the event of ACCIDENTAL exposure.  Everything you read about Truvada will tell you it is meant to be used WITH CONDOMS not in place of…That isn’t DeLeeuws idea, he wants to sell Truvada and testing instead of condoms.

Remember I said DeLeeuw has financial ties to Gilead?  Guess who the manufacturer of Truvada is?  If you guessed Gilead go to the head of the bukkake line.

The FSC is currently selling the idea to APAC, who will, in turn, try to sell it to performers, bet on it.

Several performers have called for DeLeeuw to step down because of his conflicts of interest and his lack of understanding of straight porn, He is WAY too vain to do that….This has been a red hot topic in Porn Valley since I broke the story, there are numerous twitter threads and its a topic that seems polarizing.  AVN and XBiz have yet to weigh in, naturally but you can bet they will do what The FSC and their sugar daddy tell them to.

If you are a performer this should be something you should be very vocal about, don’t let people make decisions about your health and your rights when they only care about lining their pockets with money…I know that you have in the past but it really is time to put a stop to it y’all.

If I care enough about you to spend the time to research and explain this you should care enough about yourself to help…If you don’t go ahead, die…

Thank you to the people who have helped me put the pieces of this together, y’all know who you are.

In other news, Michael Snooren, who I warned you about years ago has been sentenced to 4 years in prison on charges relating to sexual exploitation of children


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  1. mharris127

    Mike, glad to see you writing again. I am sorry it is to try to put a stop to this bullshit, though. I think Stags and Pepe De Pew are out of their minds with this one. I think serosorting is a much better route to go than to have HIV positive people fucking in the general talent pool. I don’t believe that someone that is known HIV positive but doesn’t register on the Aptima test can’t transmit the virus. Furthermore, I don’t think it is worth the risk of transmitting a virus that is almost guaranteed to kill you if you don’t spend $25K-$100K per year on medications designed to keep the virus from quickly destroying your body and causing an extremely painful death. I know Pepe De Pew and 75% of porn weren’t alive or too young to comprehend what was happening during the GRID/AIDS debacle that was killing thousands per year between about 1982 and 1995 but unfortunately for Stags (who was alive and an adult during that time) and Pepe people like Julia Ann, Vicky Vette, Nina Hartley were alive and cognizant of it (hopefully they do the right thing here), Mike was, the Rowntrees were, I think Kelli was and so was I. This would also guarantee the banning of porn production in the United States, the current government is looking for any reason that would pass muster even with our First Amendment free speech rights and this bullshit would be the smoking gun, I can almost guarantee it. Do we really want to go back to the 60’s and 70’s with its constant prosecution of porn producers with the intent of eliminating adult cinema from the United States. This is an almost sure route to doing so. I think Pepe De Pew needs to go get fucked up the ass with a load shot inside with a Treasure Island Media HIV positive dick (that company has 50 or so HIV positive, gay as a nine dollar bill dicks at the ready for such a scene). Let Pepe live with HIV for a year or so with taking medications that cause a person to shit uncontrollably and unpredictably, hurt like hell and cause constant nausea for a year or so (all known effects of HIV antiretroviral therapy) and continue to support such a harebrained idea. Some gay guy needs to offer to suck his dick then bite it off of his crab-infested crotch and spit it into his hands or shove it up his ass with a thick stick. Fuck you Eric De Leeuw! Also (I never thought I would have to say this), fuck you John Stagliano! John certainly knows (or knew) better than this shit, I wonder if he has progressed to full on AIDS and he is having senility problems caused by it!!!!!

  2. Karmafan

    Porn people and lawyers for porn people should not be making medical decisions for health and safety. Doctors and ONLY Doctors should be the ones to say if this is safe. If the CDC says its ok for HIV+ people to go back to shooting with uninfected talent then thats one thing but I’m guessing the CDC would say “Hell No”

  3. mharris127

    Karma, you have a point. Medical doctors without a financial connection to the adult film industry should be the people making this determination. I agree that the CDC would not be suggesting that it is OK for HIV positive performers to fuck HIV negative people. Until they say otherwise, HIV positive people don’t need to be fucking anyone that isn’t HIV positive. Eric DeLeeuw needs a psychiatric exam, a brain transplant and his dick cut off and shoved down his throat with a chaser of castor oil for this one.

  4. sam mfc

    Did they run out of HIV negative performers?
    And if they did, then the current testing standards they dictated to the performers FAILED!
    What right do they have to force healthy people to take medications for an illness they do not have?
    Aren’t condoms cheaper?
    So all these cost come out of the performers pockets in order to protect these multi-million dollar companies profits?
    How is it LEGAL to require someone who is healthy to risk HIV with unprotected sex?
    How is it LEGAL to force someone who is health to pay for & take a medication to work at a job?
    Wouldn’t they be required by law to have insurance on all those who are taking those unnecessary risk? And we all know NO health insurance companies would carry that policy.
    If the Republicans repeal ACA then every single performer will NOT be able to EVER get health insurance again.

  5. sam mfc

    I’m a bit confused here.
    The FSC is working to drop the charges of giving someone HIV from a felony to a misdemeanor & the HIV negative performers should have sex with HIV + performers in the name of solidarity of HIV+ Street walkers who gave clients HIV………
    Because we are all sex workers….
    How many States have laws now that call the porn industry a public health hazard? Now when an HIV+ person knowingly has unprotected sex without telling them of their status & gives them HIV, ISN’T THAT A PUBLIC HEALTH HAZARD?
    Thus the FSC is making it really easy for the Republicans to shut down the porn industry in America. And these fuckers want to tell me there are doing it in the name of performers well being?

  6. sam mfc

    Boycott No, every performer should just Quit doing paid porn shoot & do their own thing.
    Create content & monetize it yourself. Never work for companies that are so willing to put your health at risk for profit & social agendas that have NOTHING to do with shooting porn.

  7. sam mfc

    Side affects of condoms: ONLY form of birth control that prevents sexually transmitted infections.
    Truvada for Prep: kidney & or liver problems, bone softness, to much lactic acid in your blood
    You must continue to use safer sex practices. Just taking TRUVADA for PrEP may not keep you from getting HIV-1.

    Now the FSC is telling us that condoms are NOT a choice & to have sex with HIV positive people without condoms..


  8. LurkingReader

    June 2012 APHSS (FSC testing scheme between AIM and current PASS) announced it would accept ONLY the APTIMA HIV-1 RNA test to act as the barrier gate to keep HIV out of the talent pool.

    For five years the FSC has been telling performers this test proves their co-worker doesn’t have HIV undermining performer consent while they do PR campaigns for Truvada.

    Moving on in May 2014 AB1576 was a hot topic Peter Acworth did a Huffington Post live with Ricky Camilleri promoting Truvada. If I recall correctly Mr. Leather and the President of a Chicago non-profit also appeared. At the time I was pissed because they were promoting Truvada for all performers. My issue was around the proof that Truvada worked well to prevent anal transmission but failed to prevent vaginal transmission per Gilead discontinued Truvada studies on Asian female sex workers. At the time they didn’t know why Truvada failed women when it worked so well to prevent MSM transmission, now they know it has to do with vaginal flora aka bacterial balances that are affected by STI ig BV, CT, GC and the douches and whatever douching is meant to wash away. In other words if you have a vagina don’t use it and Truvada has your ass covered to prevent non-resistant HIV.

    For five years FSC has been selling the lie that they exclude HIV when the fact is they exclude known infectious levels of HIV. The test never kept HIV positive performers out of the talent pool, it kept performers with high levels of active HIV out of the talent pool.

    Think about this…FSC specifically excluded testing on gay sets. Now they’re crowing about their victory to decriminalize HIV but not a fucking word about testing on gay sets. Criminalized knowledge is no longer a factor and the other excuses all apply to sets with mandatory testing. ig culture, being in charge of body and health lalalala

    Now let’s move on to straight for pay and this very plausible yet fictional scenario. Gay HIV+ performer needs more money than scheduled gay scenes can pay, doc says doing great still undetectable so they buy an industry testing panel and book some b/g scenes to make ends meet. So much for informed consent and the right of female performers to decide where they draw the line.

    In 2014 Diane Duke told a California State legislative panel ‘no on-set (HIV) transmissions NATIONWIDE for over ten years’ OOOPS a few months later the CDC proved a window positive performer infected a co-worker on a set using the FSC testing protocol. Doesn’t matter if they were or were not dues paying members of FSC the facts are they were using the FSC testing scheme and FSC doesn’t so onsite regulation of any FSC member sets.

    This is about money, politics and keeping the base aka performers & potential performers ignorant.

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