The LGBT/ Transhumanism Connection

Maria Konovalenko is a Russian molecular biophysicist who, given her young age and beauty, more looks like a model rather than a scientist. She’s extremely active on social media. In one of her recent online posts, she wrote:

“This is our lives and our futures we’re talking about. To sit back and just watch the 21st century roll by will not accomplish our goals. We must take our message to the people in the streets and strive to make real change.”

In case you wonder what “real change” Ms. Konovalenko is talking about, allow me to mention that she is the vice president of Moscow based “Science for Life Extension Foundation”. Ms. Konovalenko is a transhumanist.

Transhuman literally means “beyond human”. Transhumanism is a worldwide movement that endorses the idea of enhancing and prolonging human life using bioengineering, hybridization and nanotechnology, for example by installing brain chips and replacing body parts such as eyes and limbs with augmented robotic parts. Transhumanists believe if they equip themselves with technological advancements and radically alter their biological makeup and become half-human/ half-machine, they will be able to defeat death itself and become immortal, a goal they hope to achieve by the year 2045.

The idea of transhumanism has been around since the mid 20th century. It was first influenced by science fiction. Today, it is heavily being influenced by actual, real science and technological innovations. Media propaganda, social net working and celebrity transhumanists like Maria Konovalenko have been significantly effective in rising popularity of transhumanism. Amanda Stoel, co-founder and chief administrator of Facebook group “Singularity Network”, one of the largest transhumanist-themed groups on the internet recently commented:

“Three years ago, we had only around 400 members, but today we have over 10,000 members.”


Interestingly but not surprisingly, homosexuals and transgenders are among the most passionate advocates of transhumanism, a fact that has been long acknowledged and emphasized by prominent figures and leaders of both LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) and transhumanist movements.  At the 2003 Transvision conference at Yale University, Vanessa Foster, the CEO of “The National Transgender Acton Coalition”, declared that transgenders like herself were the first transhumanists:

“Transgenderes like me are on “cutting edge” by asserting our right to use technology to modify our body.” 

The following are excerpts from statements posted on the official web sites of various transhumanist  organizations:

Gays, lesbians and bisexuals are natural allies of transhumanism since the right to control one’s own body means being able to share it with other consenting adults. The champions of natural law attack homosexuality and human enhancement with the same arguments. In-vitro fertilization allows lesbians to have children without having sex with a man. Work on fertilizing eggs with the DNA from another egg or replacing egg DNA with sperm DNA would allow gay parents to both have a genetic link to their children.


                                                                     – World Transhumanist Organization



If people won’t support civil rights for gays and transgenders, how will they support our right to modify our bodies with technology? LGBT civil rights are completely worth advocating on their own terms, but a world that accepts a diversity of sexual orientations will also be open minded about other forms of diversity, and that is not only helpful, but moral.



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      – Accelerating Future 



The experiences and lessons learned from LGBT movement will be useful to us.   



                                                                                              –  Transhuman Goodness


Like any other civil and social movement, transhumanism has to start from somewhere. It has to be built and established upon an already existing model, and it seems transhumanist thinkers and strategists have determined the best model for their agenda is LGBT movement.  This connection can be traced back to the 1990’s. The veteran gay rights activist Randy Wicker was among the first to recognize and endorse the connection. In 1996, when an international backlash started against the cloning of the sheep Dolly in Scotland, Wicker saw a rare technological opportunity to advance gay rights. He became convinced that the right to clone is a fundamental reproductive right, and since “cloning renders heterosexuality’s historic monopoly on reproduction obsolete”, therefore the right to clone is a gay rights issue. Wicker launched “The Clone Rights United Front” with other gay rights activists, then co-founded “The Human Cloning Foundation”, and became a national spokesman on cloning as a reproductive right. Chandler Burr, author of “A Separate Creation: The Search for the Biological Origin of Sexual Orientation”, is another gay rights activist who acknowledges the importance of reproductive technology to LGBT movement:

“This technology takes us another degree further from the idea that babies are produced only by two heterosexual people having heterosexual intercourse.”

Science has come a long way since the cloning of Dolly. In a 2001 report published by “The Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Science of Saint Barnabas”, it was revealed that in late 1990’s, the first genetically modified humans were created, two babies who each carried genes from three parents, two women and one man. Altering the human germline is a technique condemned by many scientists who fear that one day this method could be used to create new races of humans with extra characteristics such as strength and high intelligence. John Smeaton, national director of “The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children” commented:

“This seems to be a further illustration of the fact that the whole process of in-vitro fertilization as a means of conceiving babies leads to babies being regarded as objects on a production line. It is a further and very worrying step down the wrong road for humanity.”

Despite condemnation and controversy, the procedure of creating genetically modified children continues to progress and expand. England may become the first country in the world to offer “three parent fertility treatment” in fertility clinics nationwide, and “three parent babies” could be born in England in 2015. Moreover, Transhumanist activists suggest that instead of putting women through pregnancy and birth labor, babies can be developed in artificial wombs in laboratories.

At the time of this writing, transhumanists in Canada are preparing to challenge an anti-cryonics law. Since cryonics is an integral part of transhumanism ideology, transhumanist activists are setting the stage for a civil rights clash in British Columbia, and have warned they will challenge the anti-cryonics law in court, claiming it as a human rights violation that threatens their ultimate transhuman goal to live indefinitely.

Currently, Dr. Peter Rhee in collaboration with Dr. Samuel Tisherman are working on a procedure that involves replacing corpse’s blood with cold salt water in an effort to bring the dead back to life. Dr. Rhee said in an interview:

“When you are at 10C, with no brain activity, no heartbeat, no blood flow, everyone would agree that you’re dead, but we can still bring you back.”

The doctors have successfully tested their technique on animals, and were set to begin human trials on gunshot victims in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In an interview about their experiment, Dr. Tisherman commented:

“The first patients must be so badly wounded that their hearts have stopped beating, meaning that this is their last hope.”

When the news created worldwide controversy and harsh criticism, the doctors decided to postpone human trials.

Meanwhile, in tattoo shops and basements around the globe, people are turning themselves into cyborgs by implanting computer chips directly into their bodies. They call themselves “biohackers”. Neil Harbisson, a colorblind musician and artist, has an antenna surgically implanted in his skull to help him “hear colors”, and identifies himself as a cyborg.

Laboratory created babies, the walking dead and cyborgs are no longer science fiction stories, they are news headlines of the 21st century.

Interfering with the biological makeup of human species, reversing death and fusing man and machine are dangerous and unethical practices, because in spite of scientific innovations and technological advancements, life in itself has remained a mystery shrouded in unanswered questions such as:

– Who are we?

– Why are we here on this Earth?

– Where have we come from, and where do we go when we die?

– What makes us human, is it our flesh and blood, or is it our soul?

– If it’s our soul, then what is a soul? Is soul a collection of thoughts and memories that can be recorded and stored on a digital disc, as the leading transhumanist Ray Kurzweil claims, or is it something else entirely? If soul is something else entirely, where does it come from? Is it something that will be given to every human being at birth and will be taken away at the time of death? If so, who or what gives and takes away the human soul, and will a laboratory created human or a walking dead or a half human/ half machine cyborg have souls, and if not, then how a soulless human can be defined? What rights this human must have, and what laws will apply to him/her?

Neither religion nor science can answer any of these questions, they remain shrouded in mystery, as they were 1000 years ago. When it comes to the foundation of life and existence, we are ignorant and oblivious, we are children playing with fire.

Apart from ethical and moral challenges, transhumanism can have devastating sociopolitical consequences. It has the potential to divide humanity into social classes based on their wealth, a society in which the rich has access to the latest and most expensive augmentation and nanotechnology treatment and live longer and become highly intelligent and physically strong, while the poor will dwell in overcrowded settlements and will be given special drugs and treatment that cause arrested development in intelligence and physical strength. The bioengineering of slaves and masters is a looming threat, an agenda in work, and LGBT movement is paving the way for this agenda, one step at a time:

– In 2004, LGBT movement gained a significant victory when gay marriage became legal in the state of Massachusetts. Since then, a civil rights war has been raging on to legalize gay marriage throughout the United States, and consequently, the entire world. Adopting and cloning children by gay parents makes heterosexuality’s monopoly on reproduction obsolete, and eventually that will set the stage for transhumanists’ plan to bypass the procedure of natural birth and create babies inside artificial wombs in laboratories.

– In 2013, the United Nations introduced “Free & Equal” campaign to promote lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender rights, a symbolic gesture that sent LGBT propaganda into overdrive.

– In 2014, LGBT lobbyists are fighting against the U.S government, states and heterosexual parents in order to enforce gay/transgender topics into school programs and teach them to children as young as five years old, and introduce the idea of human diversity to them.  By the time a five year old child reaches the adulthood, his/her mind is conditioned and prepared to accept the concept of laboratory created human, walking dead and cyborgs.  


Consider these statistics:

– According to Gallup, the percentage of gay adults in the United States ranges from 1.7% in North Dakota to 5.1% in Hawaii and 10% in the District of Columbia.  

– Transgender people make up 0.3% of the U.S. adult population, according to estimates by “The Williams Institute”, a think tank at UCLA.

– In a survey by “The Public Religion Research Institute”, only 11% of respondents reported having a close friend or relative who was transgender.

Then ask yourself:

– Why such a minuscule percentage of the population is constantly making news headlines?

–  Why there are countless civil rights unions, advocacy groups and lobby organizations dedicated to tirelessly campaigning for this minority and crushing any opposite voice?

– Why scientific data and studies are being altered, forged and suppressed in order to support this group of people?

– Who funds and directs these activities?

– What is the ultimate agenda?

When you follow the leads, connect the dots and put the fragmented pieces of this jigsaw puzzle together, the picture comes clear: There are forces at work to redefine and transform what it means to be human, and they are using gays and transgenders as proxy to further their goals. It’s a game of power and control, and the main players do not care about the well being of mankind, they care about themselves. To them, white, black, heterosexual, gay and transgender are pieces on a chess board, tools to be used to achieve a certain purpose.

I have nothing against gay and transgender people, and I believe they have as much right to marriage and pursuit of happiness as the rest of the human family. However, when I see how they have been used and are continued to be used and manipulated by the corporate empire and the powers that be, I feel responsible to speak up and sound the alarm. I see it as my duty to present and share the information, it’s up to you to make of it what you wish and draw your own conclusion.

The other day, I was discussing this topic with a friend. He told me:“I always thought LGBT movement is about the gay people fighting for equality and the right to marriage and family.” I shook my head and said: “If only it was just about that, but I’m worried about what’s coming next.”

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  1. LurkingReader

    @Michael Payne,

    Please don’t shatter my world & tell me Lee Majors aka Steve Austin was a gay six million dollar man 😉

    Wow…that’s a lot to absorb. Seems like as much as can be said for ‘good, better, best..don’t let it rest’ or refusing to accept no …can also be said about how society as a whole has evolved into entitlement as a right.

    Tech advances in every area of our lives has made Olympians of those working to achieve what we grew up with as ordinary hopes of working forward. Society now views long term goals as amazing or foolish in the face of options to obtain instant gratification. Debt is no longer limited to major purchases and/or long term projects but a means to get the new fashion or toy with its bells & buzzers before they’re passé.

  2. jilted

    My younger brother, God rest his soul, had two Ventricular Assist Devices attached to his heart, aorta, and superior vena cava for eight months. The devices were attached to a small machine, about the size of a peice of carry on luggage, that ran 24/7. Basicly they were artificial hearts(ventricles). He was listed 1A on the transplant list at UCLA Ronald Regan Medical Center when a series of accidents during a routine procedure resulted in a huge air embolism getting into his lungs, and aorta.
    It is total fucking bullshit to try to make the case that these advancements in SCIENCE have anything to do with sexual preference choices. I guess some people see freedom of speech as freedom to be an idiot. Good for you, believe what you want, and spew your bullshit, but be prepared when others exercise their right to call you a fucking asswipe. Lurk, this is no way aimed at you, just want to clarify that/

  3. CPanzram

    @Mr South
    By chance, do you believe in what Mr Payne writes?

    @Mr Payne
    I am not speaking on behalf of the gay community, but I can assure you that gays have no desire to become a race of cyborgs in order to undermine the straight agenda. Your agenda is safe.

    Forget the straight agenda… They have no desire to become robogays. There isn’t even a strong DVD market for that idea and in fact I’ve never heard of it before. If TIM isn’t doing it then it isn’t a concern.

    It has become apparent that you take a highly-fringe viewpoint and use other fringe viewpoints gathered from fringe sites to back it up with really absurd ideas. You do it with a highly-condescending tone as well.


    I’ve noticed your point to make note that the people you are mentioning in your posts are the minority. You often provide their % in the overall community. Why do you do that? What is your incentive/goal? Are you saying that a minority view doesn’t hold any weight? I ask this regardless of the topic at hand. What is your need to post that in an article you write? Do you think it matters?

    Now, if you could point out some members saying the same points that actually have pull in the gay/trans rights movement then you may have something. However, you always fail to do that. Therefore, what weight can we hold in your posts?

    Now, you may not find many websites mentioning this, but there is a reason for that.

    I’m coming to you here as a friend and hopefully an ally.

    We have a serious problem among us.


    They’re not staying down there anymore… Know what I’m sayin’?

    They have been a serious problem in NY since the 80’s. Very few talk about them today. Famous Hollywood folks like John Goodman and Daniel Stern have been upfront with this issue and you can even see it on video. I’m not making this up. Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers are a real threat. Some of them are gay too.

    Or even worse… Some are transgendered.

    The C.H.U.D.s combined with RoboGays could destroy the heterosexual race. Since they are robotic they have updates that can alter their original form or coding.

    If the Robogays were to breed with the C.H.U.D.s we have no idea what could happen.

    Do we know what the firmware and software updates will consist of? Do we know what will happen?


    We do not.

    Don’t try to act like you do either.

    Not only will gays become totally online, USB compatible, and with free wi-fi, but they could want to eat us.

    I want to contact you off of here, but you failed to post your email. I’m just afraid the mecha-gays will find out.

    What if they already know?

    I just updated my Adobe Flash. Gays work for Adobe. What if I upgraded them?

  4. MichaelPayne

    @Mr. Panz,

    Allow me to respond to some of your comments:

    1. Mr. Panz: It has become apparent that you take a highly-fringe viewpoint and use other fringe viewpoints gathered from fringe sites to back it up with really absurd ideas. You do it with a highly-condescending tone as well.
    Mr. Payne: It seems that you are accusing me of not being specific. Please provide an example and specify how I was being unspecific.

    2. Mr. Panz: You often provide their % in the overall community. Why do you do that?
    Mr. Payne: I provide numbers because the numbers don’t lie, facts are facts, whether we like them or not.

    3. Mr. Panz: Are you saying that a minority view doesn’t hold any weight?
    Mr. Payne: I never said a minority view doesn’t hold any weight, but when a minority view is being forced upon the majority, I question why that happens and what might be the agenda behind it. For example, recently in Alameda, California the City Council approved a law to allow elementary schools to teach gay related topics to children as young as five years old, and this was done against the wishes of heterosexual parents who hold the majority and in spite of their protests. You and I may disagree on many issues and that’s just fine, but I hope we can agree on one thing, and that is teaching ANY sex related topic (straight, gay, bi, etc.) to children is wrong and unnecessary. So the question is why did the Alameda City Council do that? Why the city and state officials should be allowed to enforce teaching sexual topics to children and ignore the legitimate parental concerns? If this is not a clear example of government/authority intervention in lives of private citizens, then I don’t know what is. Let me reverse the question and ask you: Are you saying that a majority view doesn’t hold any weight?

    4. Mr. Panz: We have a serious problem among us: C.H.U.Ds.
    Mr. Payne: It’s not C.H.U.Ds, my friend, it’s T.M.N.T, and you know who’s behind it all? Michael Bay, he’s even responsible for the whole Pearl Harbor thing that dragged America into World War II. Here, that’s a conspiracy theory for you.

    5. Mr. Panz: I want to contact you off of here, but you failed to post your email. I’m just afraid the mecha-gays will find out.
    Mr. Payne: I have failed at nothing. Send Mike an email and ask him to forward it to me and I’ll get back to you ASAP. Just don’t let the mecha-gays find out, they’re gonna round us up and send us to FEMA camps where we will be forced to eat Soylent Green. Hell, do you know what Soylent Green is made of? I can’t even tell you, that’s the mother of ALL CONSPIRACIES.


  5. MikeSouth

    What Mr Payne writes doesnt reflect my opinion, as a matter of fact one fo the reasons I like him writing here is that I dont always agree. I believe that an exchange of information, particularly information that I dont agree with is healthy and necessary because its gives me pause for thought and sometimes even changes my mind. I love the people who comment here because I learn from you guys…and y’all often disagree with me.

    mr Payne has demostrated an ability and a desire to express his opinion here and I am OK with that, matter of fact I like it…

  6. LurkingReader


    Too many self-entitled people run around shouting about their First Amendment Rights proving they don’t have a clue what that means when they say opposing or unpopular (in their sand box) views ought to be shut down or removed.

    Last year when I noticed the cal/OSHA policy process happening I saw it as a game changer to be involved in. Looking around the various sites it was quickly apparent your site would welcome what competing sites would quickly try to shut down…free speech.

    Over the months it has become clear to each of us that while we see eye to eye on many issues there are many that we don’t. Your open comment policy along with an admirable level of restraint through many contentious commenter debates is much appreciated.

  7. LurkingReader


    Just reread article and comments …still trying to wrap head around it as it’s a lot to absorb.

    About minority/majority views I have to agree that the LGBT has been very effective in media and legislatively making their voice heard, though I’m not ready to sign onto some of the motives offered.

    I have a problem with schools teaching sex ed in kindergarten period. As a mother, grandmother, educator and coach with lots of child development info it often amazes me what people want included/excluded from the educational day. People would be surprised to find that over half of our local, state and national education budgets are spent on narrowly focused educational agenda to appease effective minority viewpoints.

    Teaching kindergarten targeted LGBT sexuality loses the lesson of simply accepting humanity. Kids of LGBT parents have been teased so their parents want ‘targeted’ acceptance education yet kids in wheel chairs are segregated to ‘special needs’ schools with genius level disabled kids heading to college still teased as ‘short bus riders.’ There’s something drastically wrong with that reality.

  8. CPanzram

    @Mr Payne

    Ms to you.

    I’m doing my best to understand you, but given that you have had like 2 posts about porn and the other 3 about what the gays are doing I question your intentions. I don’t mean any offense, but this looks poorly upon you. You have now proven that you have a problem with the gays and/or the trannies. It is hard for you to deny that at this juncture. Your history of posts shows it.

    It isn’t like I heard your views first from you. It is parroted.

    Your porn films haven’t showed a history of love and respect towards women. You can’t deny that.

    Since I don’t know you personally I will judge you from that along with your blog posts. Sorry.

    When it comes to the opinion of what’s best for our country let’s look at the numbers.

    You’re an Armenian pornographer in the US.


    Just scratch that. Never mind. I’ll let you slide there. That’s fair. Or not, but I’ll let you have it even though the numbers don’t show it.

    You know that Halford is already a man-loving cyborg, right? He’s been a lowly fucking computer-driven homo since the 80’s. He goes back to the days of Space Quest and Leisure Suit Larry.

    He’s a gay robot that works for the government and he has fucking admitted it!

    “Up here in space
    I’m looking down on you.
    My lasers trace
    Everything you do.
    You think you’re private lives
    Think nothing of the kind.
    There is no true escape
    I’m watching all the time.
    I’m made of metal
    My circuits gleam.
    I am perpetual
    I keep the country clean.”

    The gays and the government are watching us and we can’t stop them. Your boy Robbie is at the forefront of this. You picked the false messiah. It was Blackie Lawless. He’ll forgive you. Don’t worry.

    You mentioned the TMNT, but they are just the spokesperson for the Reptilians. CHUDS control them. Get in the now.

  9. MichaelPayne

    @Ms. Panz,

    For all intents and purposes, I hope you are a natural born woman and not an augmented transgender on steroids, or as the Politically Correctness Gestapo puts it, a “woman trapped inside a man”. I have nothing against transgenders, I just prefer the mother nature’s design over homo sapiens’ illusions and futile struggles. Perhaps it means that I’m an old fashioned guy, or perhaps it means that I side with the scientific studies according to which in the majority of cases, sex change procedures are pointless and unnecessary, because shortly after the procedure, 80% of patients fall back into depression, anxiety, identity crisis and other mental illnesses that existed prior to procedure. In a recent article for Wall Street Journal, former Johns Hopkins head psychiatrist Dr. Paul McHugh wrote:

    “Sex change is biologically impossible. People who undergo sex reassignment surgery do not change from men to women or vice versa. Rather, they become feminized men or masculinized women.”

    I agree with that statement. Case in point example is this 61 year old British gentleman:

    As for my porn movies, I have produced a variety of scenes during my career, some more extreme and intense than others. In show business, sometimes you have to kick it up a notch in order to increase the dramatic effect. However, all participant female models in my scenes are consenting adults, under no influence of alcohol and drugs, and all scenes are choreographed. Prior to shooting a scene, I disclose and explain the content to models, and they engage in performing those acts knowingly and willingly, and most of them enjoy what they’re doing, physically as well as psychologically. I have worked with several performers on more than one occasion, because I have established a friendly and positive relationship with them and we feel comfortable with one another.

    On a different note, you know your Priest, I’m impressed. Whether Rob Halford is a gay man or machine or reptilian shape shifter is irrelevant. He is THE METAL GOD. Period. End of story. Have you listened to “Redeemer of Souls” yet? If not, it’s your loss. Buy it. Crank your speakers up to 11 and bang your head a little. Life is short and the FEMA camps are near their completion, they’re gonna come knocking on our doors any time now, so get your kicks while you still can.

    As for Blackie Lawless, I like some of his 80’s stuff, but he hasn’t done anything significant in a long time. Besides, even in their heydays, WASP never came anywhere close to Priest. I mean come on, “Headless Children” vs. “Painkiller”? That’s blasphemous, Ms. Panz.

    And last but not least, allow me to emphasize: It’s T.M.N.T, not C.H.U.D.s. You want proof? Just look at what they did to the box office this past weekend. They obliterated it. Today the box office, tomorrow humanity. Mr. Payne signing out. Good night, Ms. Panz.

  10. MichaelPayne


    You are one of the most intelligent commenters on this board, and your inputs and views are always informative, spot on and appreciated. Keep up the good work.

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