Over the Rainbow Revisited Chapter II: Transformation

I. An Inverted World



“For all intents and purposes, I am a woman.”

With these words, on April 24, 2015, former Olympic winner William Bruce Jenner announced his attempt to become a female during a television interview with Diane Sawyer that attracted nearly 20 million viewers. After the broadcast of the interview, I began to scan through comments posted on various message boards to find out and measure the public reaction. I mainly focused on reviewing comments that were posted on mainstream media web sites such as ABC, CNN, MSNBC, Fox, etc. Two thirds of comments were negative, expressions of anger, confusion, disgust, hatred and distrust. Immediately conspiracy theories were starting to form, some were speculating that Jenner has been put under some kind of mind control, some were saying that Jenner may have been possessed by demonic/extraterrestrial forces, others were calling Jenner an attention seeking opportunistic charlatan who is carrying a publicity stunt, and finally there were those who believed Jenner is going through a severe mental crisis and has gone mad. In general, the reaction was negative, hateful and suspicious. In the days that followed, rumors indicated that Jenner is well aware of being hated by the public, hence he stays indoor most of the times and is nervous and volatile. Apparently, the superficial endorsement from Jenner’s family and fraudulent media reports of public support was not enough to convince him. After all, Mr. Jenner may have gone mad, but he’s not a fool nonetheless.

Speaking of medial lies, one day after the broadcast of the interview, I checked mainstream media outlets to see how they were reporting on the public reaction, and not surprisingly saw how they were lying blatantly and shamelessly. They ignored most of negative comments that were posted on their own message boards and instead, focused on a few supportive and sympathetic celebrity tweets in an attempt to depict a positive picture of a negative event. For instance this headline from CNN caught my attention:

“Reaction to Bruce Jenner Interview: Love”


Nothing could be further from the truth, but then again, nothing else can be expected from a media that is being bought and sold a long time ago. This subversive attempt at destroying reality is the manifestation of George Orwell’s disturbing predictions. In his book 1984, Orwell depicted a society in which rationale, individual rights, freedom of speech and private ownership are abolished, and the blinded, delusional and shallow populace sleep walks through the motions and accepts whatever lies, disinformation and propaganda that the totalitarian system feeds to them:

“War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.”

Today, we are at war with an evil establishment which is pushing us towards that dark utopia. The powers that be use whatever means they deem necessary, from polluting the environment with toxic chemicals to brain washing children in schools, falsifying scientific data, spreading disinformation through the media and using celebrities to promote and further their agendas and nothing is off the table. We have no choice expect to fight back by standing united and vigilant, sharing the information and exposing the truth. In this instant, celebrity Bruce Jenner in particular and transgender people in general have become tools used by the establishment to implement a malevolent social engineering agenda, and the truth about their agenda must be revealed.

Bruce Jenner is a former athlete who won the gold medal in “The Decathlon” at the 1976 Olympics games held in Montreal, Canada. The Decathlon is a combined event in athletics consisting of ten track and field events that are held over two consecutive days. Contenders must perform a variety of demanding and difficult tasks including high jump, long jump, discus throw, pole vault and javelin throw. Here is the most important part: The Decathlon is contested by male athletes only, because the required tasks are physically and psychologically impossible for a female to carry out. This is a scientific fact which has nothing to do with the social philosophy of gender equality: There are tasks that only men can carry out and there are tasks that only women can carry out, because biological and psychological makeup of men and women are different from one another. A Decathlon contender is different from for example a race driver. In order to compete in the Decathlon games, not only a man must be physically fit, but he must have an extraordinary strong will, determination and self confidence. If he has a shadow of a doubt about his identity, his sexual orientation and his capabilities, he will surely fail in first attempt and will never make it to the finale, let alone winning the competition. The notion that Bruce Jenner competed and won the Decathlon games all the while struggling with a desire to be a woman is absurd, impossible and insane, it’s like saying men and women both can give birth because they both have bellies.

This is the world in which we live in, we need to argue with delusional lunatics, liars and opportunists on why a Decathlon athlete, a symbol of male masculinity and will power, could not have feminine desires all throughout his life. Whatever happened to this man happened in a later period of his life. Perhaps Jenner lost his mind after his marriage to Kris Kardashian and being put through the reality TV freak show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”. Perhaps he was brain washed and drugged by the powers that be. Perhaps he was abducted by the aliens who experimented on him and switched his brain with the brain of a frog. I don’t know what, when and how went wrong in this man’s life, I don’t know how he fell so far from grace and went from a gold medal carrying champion to a cross-dressing reality TV personality and I don’t care to know. What I do know is that the media is cashing in on his “transformation” story, and the establishment tends to turn him into a role model in an attempt to blur the gender line and further destroy family and traditional values, and we shall not allow them to carry out such agenda.

On June 1, 2015, the media hype shifted into overdrive when Bruce Jenner announced the completion of his transitioning into a woman and revealed his new female name:  Caitlyn. Jenner’s picture, dressed in women’s clothing, appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine. Celebrities and media pundits rushed to congratulate him, and even President Barack Hussein Obama saluted him for what he described as “an act of courage”.

Bruce Jenner’s story has received an extraordinary amount of coverage because of his celebrity status, but his case is not an isolated incident, rather, it’s the pivotal point of a growing trend.



II. No Safe Haven



Transgender people make up only 0.3% of US population. In other words, in a country with a population of more than 318,000,000, only about 700,000 identify themselves as transgender, and yet, political and social forces are at work, trying to modify society and change the definition of humanity in an attempt to protect the rights of this miniscule group.

Here is an observation: People living with mental illnesses (i.e. bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia, post- traumatic stress disorder etc.) make up 3.3% of US population, totaling about 7,900,000, more than ten times the transgender population and yet, they don’t get one tenth of attention, support and media coverage that transgender people receive. If this is not a clear example of discrimination and using a minority group to advance a social engineering agenda, then I don’t know what is.

Here is another observation: According to a survey conducted by the lobby group “Human Rights Campaign” that was conducted in 2014, 17% of respondents said they know a transgender person. In 2015, the lobby group conducted another survey. This time, 22% of respondents said they know a transgender person, a 5% increase in one year. This 5% increase is the result of two things: Constant media coverage, and an ongoing social campaign whose goal is to redefine sexual orientation and label as many people as possible transgender including 5 year old children and cross-dressing senior citizens. In other words, the actual population of transgender people has not increased 5% over a span of one year, instead, definition of sexual orientation and public perception have changed.  If this is not a clear example of collective mind control, then I don’t know what is.

According to powers that be, the rights of the majority are unimportant, it’s the right of this particular transgender minority that needs to be protected. For instance in a public school or in a gymnasium, if a man claims to be transgender and goes to ladies room, all women are obliged to get along and pretend that he’s a woman, and if any of women refuses to play along, she will be hold accountable and will be labeled “transphobic”. In fact, if someone even states that difference between men and women is that men have penis and women have vagina, he will be attacked and labeled transphobic. That’s what happened to “The Avengers” writer/director Joss Whedon. When the veteran filmmaker was asked to give advice on how to create strong female characters, he replied via Twitter:

“Must have strength but also community and not have peeny/balls.” 

After making this comment, Whedon was viciously attacked on the mainstream media and the social network. The following is an excerpt of an article written by an LGBT activist named Nicole:

“Whedon’s joke is cissexist in being based on the joke that “of course women have vaginas” which is transmisogynistic since there are many women who do not. His “joke” insults trans women and intentionally or not promotes misgendering us which leads to discrimination and high levels of violence.”

Let’s reiterate what Nicole is saying: Many women do not have vaginas. If you disagree with this assumption, then you are promoting discrimination and violence. In other words, if you do not support the bizarre, insane and unnatural idea that “many women do not have vaginas”, then you are considered a murderous rapist thug who has to be locked up or worse. This is how the powers that be play the “victim of violence” card to manipulate people’s emotions, justify censorship and push their agenda. This is how the issue of civil rights for a minority of 700,000 overshadows and threatens the rights of a nation of more than 318,000,000. This is how the basic nature of reality and common sense has come under attack in 21st century America, and the crisis is deepening. In the week before Bruce Jenner interview with ABC Network, NBC presented the stories of several sets of parents who have struggled with their young children’s gender confusion and ultimately have decided to support their boys’ desire to be girls, and vise versa. All children were under 10 years of age. CBS, on the other hand, covered the story of a 5 year old girl’s transition into a boy. Meanwhile, the comedy dramatic series “Transparent” won the Golden Globe award for the best television series of 2014. Transparent tells the story of a Los Angeles family whose lives change when they discover their father is a transgender. Then there is “TransAmerica”, a reality series produced for VH1 by former model Tyra Banks.  According to Hollywood Reporter:

“The eight episode docuseries chronicles a group of Chicago women united by the shared experience of being transgender. The series is described as an earnest look at a group of millennial women, who happen to be transgender, living, loving and building their careers. The series explores how their sexuality impacts their lives.”

Transgender movement is not limited to the media. It is being implemented in public schools, camps and even religious institutions. In elementary schools, teachers read transgender book “I Am Jazz” to 7 year old children. The autobiographical picture book is based on the life of Jazz Jennings, a transgender teenager who talks about having a “girl’s brain in a boy’s body.” Transgender friendly summer camps for children of all ages are being offered by schools. The Naming Project, a self-proclaimed faith-based organization, offers classes and summer camps for people ages 14-18 to study sex related lessons and learn about transgenderism.

On the legal front, transgender movement has engaged the judicial system in a battle to coerce government and state funded insurance programs (i.e. Medicare, Medicaid) to provide coverage for sex change procedures including surgical operations. Strangely enough, the poster child of this legal crusade is a convicted murderer named Michelle-Lael Norsworthy who at the time of this writing is serving his sentence for second degree murder in a California prison. He claimed to have transgender feelings and convinced prison authorities to administer hormonal drugs to him and Medi-Cal (California version of Medicaid) provided drug coverage for him on tax payer’s expenses for several years. Eventually, he concluded that taking hormonal drugs and growing his hair long will not suffice and became determined to have a surgery and castrate himself, and expects Medi-Cal to pay for his surgical operation, too. When prison authorities rejected his request, he teamed up with a group of civil rights attorneys and filed a law suit against the prison, Medi-Cal and the state of California. The case has been referred to California Supreme Court, and LGBT activists hope if the Supreme Court rules in their favor, they can apply Michelle-Lael Norsworthy’s model to other transgender cases nationwide. Let me put this into perspective: According to the latest surveys, 22% of California residents are homeless, California has the highest number of homeless people in America. Furthermore, 6.3% of its residents are unemployed. The state suffers from a budget deficit that has forced painful cuts to education, housing, food stamp program, etc. In addition, California faces the most severe drought in the past century. At such a time of extreme stress and uncertainty, LGBT lobbyists have the audacity to wage war on behalf of a convicted murderer to force taxpayers to pay for his sex change surgery so that he can live out his fantasy of being a woman behind bars.

It all brings us to a fundamental question: What does science say about transgenderism, and what is the truth?



III. The Truth About Transgenderism



According to mainstream science, gender confusion, the main cause of transgenderism, is a genetic, permanent condition that some are born with, and upbringing, education, environment and life experiences have little or no effect. This may be true about a small percentage of transgender people, those who are born with hormonal anomalies. Those people usually begin to develop features of opposite sex when they reach puberty, for example a teenage boy who begins to develop female breasts. In those cases, hormonal therapy and eventually sex change surgery are recommended and reasonable treatments. However, assuming a 5 year old child who has not even develop sexual features is transgender because he likes to play with his sister’s toys is wrong and unfair to the child, it robs him from his identity and free choice and enslaves him to the will of his parents and instructors. By the same token, when the 65 year old Decathlon champion who had married three times and has six biological children comes forward and claims to be a woman, we must realize that either he’s lying or he suffers from mental illness and delusional thinking, and refuse to encourage him and not promote this irrational, reckless and selfish behavior.

A large portion of transgender people don’t suffer from hormonal anomalies, rather, they suffer from mental illness, delusional thinking and identity crisis. That’s why hormonal therapy and sex change surgery are not suitable treatments for them. On the contrary, sex change treatment can be an expensive and devastating procedure which according to several independent scientific studies increases risks of severe depression and suicide. Paul R. McHugh, M.D., former psychiatrist-in-chief at Johns Hopkins Hospital, stated:

“It is biologically impossible for a person to change the sex they were born with, and those who advocate sexual reassignment surgery are thus promoting mental illness.”

In an article published in The Wall Street Journal, McHugh, who is Hopkins’ Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry, refers to a long-term Swedish study that followed several transgender persons for 30 years:

“Beginning about 10 years after having the surgery, the transgender person began to experience increasing mental difficulties. Most shockingly, their suicide mortality rose almost 20-fold above the comparable non-transgender population.”

In another part of the article, McHugh discusses transgender children:

“When children who reported transgender feelings were tracked without medical or surgical treatment at both Vanderbilt University and London’s Portman Clinic, 70%-80% of them spontaneously lost those feelings.”

Walt Heyer is an example of how accurate McHugh is in his assertion. Heyer changed his sex from male to female and then back to male after experiencing regret. He then conducted a research to discover if he was an isolated case of misdiagnosis, and found out that he wasn’t. After writing several books on the topic, Heyer concluded:

“Sex change surgery will not fix the underlying delusional psychological behavior that caused the request for surgery.”

At the time of this writing, Walt Heyer operates the web site SexChangeRegret.com where he chronicles his transition experience, publishes his ongoing research and collects testimonies of many transgender persons who have gone through sex change procedure and have come to regret it.

“Sex Changes Are Not Effective, Say Researchers” is the title of an article published in The Guardian. The following is an excerpt of the article:

“There is no conclusive evidence that sex change operations improve the lives of transgender people, with many remaining severely depressed and even suicidal after the operation.” 

Unbiased and unprejudiced scientific research reveals that gender confusion, mainly among children, is a form of mental disorder, often temporary in nature, and once the child grows and reaches puberty, those thoughts and feelings will be adjusted and there is no need for adult intervention. Moreover, data and evidence indicates that most transgender suicides occur After sex change procedure, not Before. This crucial fact throws water on LGBT strategy of playing “the suicide card”, a strategy they commonly deploy to support their crusade, emotionally manipulate the populace, and justify the need for acts like adult intervention in children’s lives.

“John is a five year old boy who plays with his sister’s toys, hence John is a transgender child and needs intervention, otherwise later in life, he will become depressed and may commit suicide. In order to prevent John from harming himself in the future, he must begin transgender treatment, take hormonal drugs, go through sex change surgery, get castrated and eventually transform into Jane.”

This is not synopsis of a psychological horror movie, this is what LGBT advocates preach to parents on a daily basis. Not surprisingly, unbiased and unprejudiced scientific researches such as the long-term Swedish study mentioned in McHugh’s article are rare and unpopular, because the LGBT movement and the economical, political and social establishment that supports the LGBT movement view such researches as threat to their dominance and profit. For instance pharmaceutical corporations have some of the most powerful and influential lobby groups at their disposal. Every year, they make billions of dollars in profit from sales of hormonal drugs which play an essential role in sex change procedure. A patient must take these highly expensive drugs for several years before they get to the surgery phase, and if for any reason (i.e. financial stress) the patient stops taking drugs, interrupted treatment causes severe chemical and hormonal complications.

The powers that be don’t want the populace to know the truth and make informed decisions. They aim to keep the populace bewildered, down and subjugated. To achieve this objective, they use any necessary means, one of which is promoting and glorifying gender confusion. More than ever, we need to be aware and remain vigilant. The old saying goes:

“When all else fails, listen to your conscience.”   


24 Replies to “Over the Rainbow Revisited Chapter II: Transformation”

  1. joeschmoe

    I know you like to publish other sides of the story, but this article is filled with mis information, lies, several false narratives, an downright hatred.

    I know you have published stuff from this guy before, but I don’t see what purpose this serves other than to fuel people’s hate and fear of those that are different and in a minority group.

    Some of his arguments, especially the “they have mental illness” one, was used aggressively with gay people in the past. We have got past that as a society, so trotting that same argument out again is absurdity.

    On a side bar, one of the principles of a democratic society is to fight and protect the rights of even the smallest of minorities. How many trans people there are makes no difference when deciding to protect their rights and freedoms.

  2. joeschmoe

    Another strange point in this “article”….. he said it is impossible for women to perform in the various sports that make up a decathalon. That is an out right lie. Women can not put up the same speeds and distances and performances , but they can do each and every one of those sports as highly trained athletes. Just a BS article filled with junk science. I feel like I am reading an article from someone who is arguing Noah’s Ark was real and the earth is 6000 years old.

  3. CPanzram

    ““John is a five year old boy who plays with his sister’s toys, hence John is a transgender child and needs intervention, otherwise later in life, he will become depressed and may commit suicide. In order to prevent John from harming himself in the future, he must begin transgender treatment, take hormonal drugs, go through sex change surgery, get castrated and eventually transform into Jane.””

    Well, that escalated quickly.


    Mr Payne thinks about gay men and trannies more than gay men and trannies do.

  4. Scandalrag

    We get it, MichaelPayne. The gays scare you. They do things to each other that you don’t approve of. But you choose to live in the United States of America. We tolerate others here. That’s one of the founding principles of our republic. In the words of George Washington, in his letter to the Jews of Newport, “It is now no more that toleration is spoken of as if it were the indulgence of one class of people that another enjoyed the exercise of their inherent natural rights, for, happily, the Government of the United States, which gives to bigotry no sanction, to persecution no assistance, requires only that they who live under its protection should demean themselves as good citizens in giving it on all occasions their effectual support.” No one is asking you do suck someone’s dick, or even approve of it. They are asking you only to allow others who have different desires than you be allowed to do so with all the rights and responsibilities that citizenship entails. If they want the state to recognize their marriage, that’s their right as long as the state recognizes yours. If they want to raise children, they should take on the responsibility as every other parent would. Equality under the law is not a thing you get to hold over their heads.

  5. MichaelPayne

    @Ms. Panz,

    Please kindly explain what do you mean by “oversimplifying”. Let me know and I’ll try to make it more complicated. 🙂

    If you visit my web site http://www.reignoftheilluminati.net/ and browse through my articles, you’ll see that I discuss many topics from secret societies to private military contractors, JFK assassination, etc. “Over the Rainbow” series is not my only writing.

    I don’t think about gay men and trannies too much, in fact, I prefer not to think about them at all and mind my own business, but they don’t stop shaking their asses in front of me. If they like sucking each others’ dicks and sodomizing one another, if that’s what floats their boat, I’m fine with that. I believe in liberty and pursuit of happiness, live and let live, all that jazz. What bothers me is how they approach the issue and tend to coerce and force everybody to not only accept their way of life, but to congratulate them for their homosexuality and speak about them ONLY in terms and manners that they deem suitable and specify. Right then and there, the battle for civil rights and equality becomes something else, it turns into a bizarre Brave New World/ Orwellian style of dictatorship, and that’s when it becomes problematic for me and I feel I have to address that. I hope we’re clear on this.

  6. CPanzram

    @Mr Payne

    A boy playing with girls toys does not result in parents rushing to change the gender of a child. Parents don’t say “Uh, Oh. Johnny is playing with a Barbie and is singing songs from Frozen. Let’s get him on hormones quick”.

    If you don’t think about gays and trannies a lot then why do you do huge write-ups on them and post them on here? Seems to me as though you spend a lot of time on the subject of gays and trannies. It doesn’t matter that you write about other topics using the ideas of others. You still spend a lot of time concerning yourself with gays and trannies.

    We get it. You like your men to be manly. Men not being as masculine as you like will not lead to the downfall of civilization or the destruction of the human race.

    No one is forcing anyone to become transgendered/gay/whatever. No one is forcing anyone to like them. No one is forcing you to leave your house and be in the presence of them. Why do you care so much?

    If one wants to deny them service or rights based on religious beliefs, then they why aren’t people complaining about the ADA forcing them to serve the disabled or mentally impaired? Why are people forced to give rights to women? Hell, women aren’t supposed to speak in church.

    People being gay or transgendered are not taking away your rights.

  7. MichaelPayne

    @Ms. Panz,

    Allow me to briefly respond to some of your comments:

    Ms. Panz: A boy playing with girls toys does not result in parents rushing to change the gender of a child.
    Mr. Payne: Unfortunately it does, under the pretense of “progress” and “modern scientific analysis”. In truth, it’s an attempt by the LGBT conduits to label more people as transgender, trans-this, trans-that and trans-the other and increase their social legitimacy. It’s a despicable, inhuman and ugly game of politics that is being played at the expense of children who are among the most impressionable and vulnerable fractions of society.

    Ms. Panz: If you don’t think about gays and trannies a lot then why do you do huge write-ups on them and post them on here?
    Mr. Payne: Because they don’t stop shaking their asses in front of my face.

    Ms. Panz: It doesn’t matter that you write about other topics using the ideas of others.
    Mr. Payne: Yes, it does, and I don’t use “the ideas of others”, I do research and form my own opinion.

    Ms. Panz: No one is forcing anyone to become transgendered/gay/whatever.
    Mr. Payne: Yes, they do. If wearing a 5 year old boy in girls dress and putting him on hormonal drugs is not considered “forcing”, then I don’t know what is.

    Ms. Panz: Why do you care so much?
    Mr. Payne: Hmmm, maybe because I’m a nice guy, or perhaps I’m just here for free popcorns. 🙂

    Good night Ms. Panz, and good luck.

  8. leeloo

    Hi michael, your not the only one writing articles on this agenda to confuse the sexes, causing the feminization of man and masculinization of woman. Now days it takes alot of courage to point out the obvious as those that do are aften attacked. You did your research and shared information, how others react to that information is their business. Dont let others discourage you from pointing out the obvious. Here is another article I found that mentions the agenda you speak of in your articles and in particluar about the agenda behind bruce jenners transformation.

  9. leeloo

    In the article states “For this reason, there one aspect of the Agenda that is becoming increasingly apparent : The feminization of the male and the masculinization of the female. Under the guise of “empowerment”, men who act like females and females who act like men are not only accepted, but celebrated. I personally do not have a problem with that. I DO have a problem with the other side of this agenda: Men who act like traditional men (and do not feel the need to apologize for it) are now portrayed as evil and wrong. And, all of a sudden, portraying a stay-at-home mom who takes pride in cooking for her family is considered “sexist”.

  10. leeloo

    It is quite obvious there is social engineering at play here, and that is evidently clear, in view of what the main stream media pushes down the throats of the public. Many will willingly go along with this kind of social engineering through a fear of social rejection, if they do not comply or even have the courage to speak up about it.Those who do uphold their tranditional values, views and beliefs will be attacked especially when they express those views openly publically, and thus become a group of people that are discriminated upon due to not upholding the social engineering that is currently taking place. Heglian dialetic shines through the transparency of this agenda quite clearly. Michael, you seem to fit into a type of new “modern” minority group of those who uphold tranditional values, and in a changing society that is heavily controlled and manipulated by those few with these kind of agendas, and social engineering programmes, you will more then likely be attacked, labelled and discriminated upon.

  11. CPanzram

    @Mr Payne

    You do write what others have written because I’ve already read everything you have posted. Taking what others have written on fringe sites and “rewording it” isn’t researching. It is paraphrasing material that is already out there. In fact, if I was going to read something dealing with a moral/social issue the last person I would want to read it from is a pornographer. Let’s get real. Good luck on your books. I’m sure people will hold your opinion highly as they do all of those in the jizz biz. Your narcissism is showing and it is quite funny.

    The only “gay agenda” is equality, my friend. The thoughts and fears you have are in line with what blacks went through in the past. It is fear mongering based on false ideas and/or situations that in no way show a universal pattern.

    Who is forcing a boy at age 5 to wear a dress or putting them on hormones? Who? Parents aren’t doing this to their children. They may go along with it at the child’s request, but not without therapy and permission from a doctor. It isn’t like you can go to the mall, buy a dress for a boy, and swing by GNC to get them some hormones before they get their hair “did”.

    I’m sorry about gays and trannies shaking asses in your face. That does not happen to me. I have no answer to your dilemma. Maybe you should change the company you spend your time with or the places you spend your time at. I think you and those who go to gay bars or proctologists may be the only ones experiencing that issue.

    Gay marriage is legal in all 50 states now. Did the earth open up and swallow sinners? Are men divorcing their wives to marry other men? Did Treasure Island Media get a PPV cable channel? Can you go to the local pharmacy to get a flu shot dosed with HIV? Are there Flinstones Chewable Hormones available to kids? No. Everything is fine. Watching people like you whine is making it all the more enjoyable.

    You, my friend are now the minority with your beliefs. Please do tell us how you are being discriminated against.

  12. MichaelPayne

    @Ms. Panz,

    Here is one more for the road:

    Ms. Panz: You do write what others have written because I’ve already read everything you have posted.
    Mr. Payne: Please provide at least one link to what “others” have written that you read somewhere else and I rewrote.

    Ms. Panz: In fact, if I was going to read something dealing with a moral/social issue the last person I would want to read it from is a pornographer.
    Mr. Payne: And yet here you are, reading articles written by an immoral pornographer and debating him. In fact, when a pornographer feels compelled to take a stand for the truth and traditional values, that just shows how corrupt this inverted world has become. Don’t blame me, Panzy.

    Ms. Panz: It is fear mongering based on false ideas and/or situations that in no way show a universal pattern.
    Mr. Payne: And what is exactly that “universal pattern”, my friend?

    Ms. Panz: Who is forcing a boy at age 5 to wear a dress or putting them on hormones? Who?
    Mr. Payne: Let’s see, his parents, public school instructors, pediatricians, the media. I could go on, but you can get the idea.

    Ms. Panz: They [child’s parents] may go along with it [switching child’s gender] at the child’s request, but not without therapy and permission from a doctor.
    Mr. Payne: That was a good one Panz, I didn’t know 5 year old children were capable of making such drastic decisions that would impact them for the rest of their lives. Did you make such a decision when you were 5 years old? I hope not.

    Ms. Panz: I’m sorry about gays and trannies shaking asses in your face. That does not happen to me.
    Mr. Payne: What? You don’t have a TV or access to the internet at your home? Where do you live, in the Middle East, or under a rock? It’s 2015 my friend, and if you’re living in the West, you’re not safe from gay propaganda, not even in your own home.

    Ms. Panz: Gay marriage is legal in all 50 states now.
    Mr. Payne: If 5 old folks at the Supreme Court said so. I wonder why they didn’t put such an important social issue to the vote. Wait a minute, when was the other time when even despite people’s vote these Supreme Court guys forced their will on the public? That’s right, it was during the year 2000’s presidential elections. The American people voted for Al Gore, but the SCOUTS told them to go fuck themselves and elected George Bush Jr. because his daddy was their buddy. I’m sorry my friend, but the judicial system in America is a broken joke. Nonetheless, I’m glad for the gay people, they deserve the right to this fucked up thing called marriage like everybody else, now they too have the right to be legally miserable like heterosexual couples. Divorce attorneys love it, their profit just got doubled.

    Ms. Panz: You, my friend are now the minority with your beliefs.
    Mr. Payne: As long as you keep me company, I’ll never be in minority. 🙂


  13. MichaelPayne


    Thank you for your support. You’re right, we’re living in a Brave New World, but as long as there are vigilant people like you, there will be hope.

  14. LurkingReader

    Unfuckingbelievable how zealots who refuse to post a counterpoint article are still insisting Payne’s offensive words and ideas ought to be suppressed and never see the light of day on this site.

    Even more ironic is ongoing claims of minority group persecution as justification to bury anything perceived as anti-LGBT into the deepest darkest recess of a remote closet to protect society from the hatred LGBT fear Payne’s post will provoke.

    The fact that Government censorship is unconstitutional doesn’t render these acrimonious attacks harmless free speech. Donning the cloak of oppressed minority group cant justify committing the very offenses claimed as validating status as a victimized minority group. Any and every successful campaign to thwart, quash or prevent offensive speech is a bigger threat to the victors than the expression of that offensive speech.

    Mike South refusal to acquiesce to ongoing efforts to convince him to stop posting words and ideas offending the moral/political beliefs of the LGBT community is the only good thing to come out of this. For what it’s worth refusing to cede to the censor campaign earns South my admiration as a defender of the First Amendment.

  15. bobloblaw

    ? That’s a change? I thought you’d been riding South’s dick for the life of this site. This has zero to do with the First Amendment, no government intervention to anyone’s speech has been proposed. This is a owned site and people saying ‘this post sucks’, ‘don’t post this shit’ is not a free speech violation. In fact it’s literally the same freedom of speech. What does not posting a counterpoint article have to do with anything? I think most of what Rush Limbaugh says is junk and wish he didn’t have a platform. That stance is not less valid based on my unwillingness to write something every time he says dumb shit. These dumb shit posts aren’t like ruining my life or eating away at me, they’re just dumb shit. Thus I just call them dumb shit and say “stop posting this shit” and move on. Writing a counterpoint article with the guy who runs Reignoftheilluminati.net or some stupid thing would be a waste of my time lol. If Mike wants to keep letting him post then he will, it will be a fun bit for the archive when we study dumb internet opinions in 20 years lol.

    You’ve essentially confused ‘ability to express an opinion’ with ‘given a platform to express the opinion to a larger platform’. As visitors (patrons) of the site we get to voice displeasure with posts. That is not an elimination of the ideas or thoughts of this weirdo writing them.

  16. LurkingReader


    Go back and read the comments on Payne’s previous articles especially June 12, 2014. I revisited my comments and hold my head high tonight and have no fear of revisiting my words in 20 years. I wonder if you can say the same after a 30 minute consult with a First Amendment attorney to review your response to my comment.

    “You’ve essentially confused ‘ability to express an opinion’ with ‘given a platform to express the opinion to a larger platform’. As visitors (patrons) of the site we get to voice displeasure with posts. That is not an elimination of the ideas or thoughts of this weirdo writing them”

    nice try ….but your oars aren’t keeping your argument boat afloat. Not only am I not confused I have no need to resort to bullshit like conflating Payne’s ability to express his opinion on his site with the LGBT campaign to remove the larger platform “given” to him.

    I have no issue with voicing displeasure with his posts…nor ripping Payne a new asshole in a heated acrimonious debate of the issues he placed on the table….my problem is claiming he has less right to post where you choose not to.

    Try and wrap your head around any and every win by groups seeking to minimize or limit others speech is a bigger threat than allowing expression of the offensive speech.

    I’ll clarify…The fine citizens of Polk County Florida voiced their displeasure with porn by electing a Sheriff who’d do their bidding. They aren’t trying to eliminate porn they just voiced their displeasure with its presence in their backyard.

    Recent DOJ rulings against Bakers, Florists and photographers aren’t LGBT wins..they’re the stepping stones to allowing Federal, state and municipal governments to compel you to marching to their tune. Three parents band together claiming minority status becuase their five year old boys were abused ….see the threat yet?

    BTW my comments going back years support my belief that the Supreme Court got it right when they removed limitations to civil marriages. Maybe now you see the danger of suppression via limits

  17. CPanzram


    Oh, I agree with you. Mike letting Payne post this is a good thing so everyone can see what bigot and self-righteous tool that he is.

    However, what good does posting a counter-article do? It is opinion against opinion and when it comes to what the majority in America are pulling for he is in the minority. No one really cares if one is gay or transgendered anymore because it doesn’t matter.

    For anyone who saved their time and didn’t read Payne’s postings it can easily be summed up with this:


    I did my good deed by stopping others from wasting their time.

  18. bobloblaw

    So it seems like you are arguing everyone is trying to get posts taken down and it’s some big deal and then you have to go back to a post a year ago to try to demonstrate that. Those ideas are at least slightly at odds. You cited DOJ as to analogize a situation of people expressing displeasure with a small blog site post. That’s some serious logical jumping. This guy writes opinion as if fact and is just bad at making his points and wrong in many places. As such I comment what a shitty post it is. Nothing beyond that and doubt anyone else has gone beyond that. This is a blog site, let’s have some perspective.

  19. LurkingReader


    Competing opinions are condusive to facilitating discussion in defense of your position. Placing competing opinions in a counterpoint effectively is like feeding readers an entrée that renders the orginial fare offered to a best forgotten appetizer. In other words support your cause as if it were football ….the best defense is an offense.

    Payne’s posts have put numerous issues on the table as food for thought. I know I’m not alone in choosing to explore and discuss the fare elsewhere rather than risk being steamrolled by the defensive team. The comments on Payne’s posts validate this claim. June 12th, 2014 a tunnel vision defense steamrolled numerous commenters as if they were the offensive team players vs fans discussing the game. The absence of neutral or novice commenters on this post amounts to two teams playing to an empty stadium. The fact that this isn’t a game to anyone involved doesn’t diminish the value of field sportsmanship and respecting fans in the stadium.

  20. LurkingReader


    Yes let’s have some perspective.
    First ..I’m not arguing that everyone is trying to get posts taken down.
    Second…big deal is the fact that some persist in the knee-jerk reaction to limit or contain Payne’s opinion since his initial post a year ago.
    Third….I cited DOJ to emphasize the wisdom of ‘be careful of what you ask for because you may get it’
    Fourth…DOJ forcing a baker to to ignore their beliefs ..in this case to compel speech what’s to stop DOJ, FCC or some other government alphabet soup from compelling gay sites to not only post but pay homage to the Pope’s reaction to SCOTUS civil union ruling?
    Fifth…The DOJ plaintiffs prevailed despite the availability of other bakers, florists and photographers.
    Sixth…feel free to persist in insisting it’s okay to boot offensive posts from MikeSouth.com because Payne can post on his own site.
    Last … Thanks for trying but you couldn’t argue your way out of a paper bag

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