Should you bring your date back home?

The world of dating as changed, and meeting new partners is made much easier thanks to the miracle of the internet. We can now chat to new people from behind our computer screens and smartphones, making it easier to arrange a date with complete strangers. The wording ‘complete strangers’ is actually very appropriate, as we don’t always know who we are speaking to until we meet them face-to-face. The question is: is it safe to bring people home that you don’t know so well, and what are the alternatives?

Why not home?

When you meet people online, you can hide behind your computer and so can they. This means that even if they say they are a certain way, you cannot know for sure until you spend more time with them. This can be especially true with adult dating, where people just want to meet for sex. In fact, most people who practice adult dating and use dating sites like will end up going to a hotel room instead. Why? It sounds like an expense we could do without, can’t we simply bring that person back home; or even follow them back to their bedroom? Well, the reason for this is simple: you want the two of you to stand on neutral grounds. Going to their house kind of puts you at their mercy, and who knows if there is someone else waiting there? At least when you book a room together on the last moment, you won’t have any nasty surprises when you get to that room. Then there is the other reason: do you really want to bring your dirty laundry home? You might live with some friends or family, and you’re best off keeping your sex life to yourself.

Hotels forever?

So does it mean that you’re limited to hotel rooms every time you meet that one person, even if you’ve met a few times before? Probably not actually. If you know that person and you’ve built a decent rapport, then you should know whether you can trust them and vice versa. You just need to make sure that person isn’t trying to con you; a possibility you can often eliminate after a few encounters with that same person. It’s all a matter of trust and common sense. Some people have brought back someone home for their first encounter; only to find themselves getting burgled further down the line. Once people know your house, they can find access points if that is what they are looking for. So again, maybe just stick to hotel rooms or even nature spots where others can’t see you.

Home is where the heart is

Your home is your safe place, away from the unwanted stresses of this life. This is why it is important not to let just anyone make their way there. Yes using hotel rooms feels expensive and somewhat impractical, but there are many reasons why they are the number one choice for sexual encounters. Discretion, safety, comfort… you name it. A good hotel room has a good bed and a clean bathroom, and those factors are important for having good sex. Your home might not be up-to-specs, and you want your partner to have to best experience along with you. So keep bringing your date home to a later date when you know you can trust them. In the meanwhile, stick with a nice and comfortable hotel room; you pay for the whole night and the two of you will certainly make the most of it!


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