Did Alex Grey’s boyfriend OD in the model house?

I got an email from a reader today about up and coming porn star Alex Grey, that I couldn’t believe. It was so shocking, I can only hope it’s not true.

Is Alex Grey in trouble?

You know that chick Alex Grey? She was at the Matrix Models model house and her boyfriend OD’d and died there. U would think that she would need some time to recover but Trinity St. Clair came in and scooped her up and has her at her house now. Trinity is so paranoid that Alex is going to get away she’s isolating her from everyone and even having dudes come 2 the house to fuck her so she doesn’t leave. She hooking out Alex right out of her house. I’m worried about Alex. Trinity St. Clair is the one who Amber Rayne was partying with just before she died.

I don’t know if this story is true but I can say she is involved in escorting with Trinity St. Clair. Here is a screencap from today featuring Alex Grey on the front page of HelpUBookHer2. So without a doubt there is proof that she is working with Trinity.

Alex Grey Escort

 And here is a photo of them together having fun at Trinity’s house just yesterday. There is also a snapchat video with Alex Grey and Naomi Woods drinking champagne at Trinity’s house. So while I can’t say for sure, looks like there might be something to this story after all.

Naomi Woods, Alex Grey and Trinity St. Clair
Naomi Woods, Alex Grey and Trinity St. Clair. Alex Grey’s boyfriend just died of a drug overdose and here she is just 17 hours ago, having a good time with Naomi Woods and Trinity St. Clair.

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