The Difference Between AHF and The FSC

There is an old axiom that says “actions speak louder than words”

When I ran the story about the young lady who got HIV and chose to “disappear” I got a response within an hour.  The response came from someone high up at AHF and told me to offer her any support that she needs, be it financial, emotional, doctors, someone to talk to anything.  It went on to state “That is why we are here”.  It was heartfelt and honest.

Now contrast that with The FSC, who offered…nothing, not even condolences or words of encouragement.  The same from APAC, nothing.

There is a lesson here for all to see, who are the good guys?  Who would you trust YOUR life with?

Most of you in Porn Valley will be in denial but I will say it,  Thank You AHF for everything you have done on behalf of the people in porn who got infected, you have offered them quality medical care, financial assistance and emotional support at a time when our industry turned their back on them.  Before I leave this site that needed to be said.  Thank You, on behalf of the people in this biz who do care.


4 Replies to “The Difference Between AHF and The FSC”

  1. joeschmoe

    I would have been shocked if FSC would have said anything other than defending themselves and trying to attack you.

  2. SabrinaDeep

    Have I missed any official or unofficial statement by the Union? APAC behavior is well known since years. But I thought that now we had a Union. It’s unknown to me why you are so tough about a lot of things and people in this industry, but the Union. Maybe you can enlighten me over the alleged duties and perks of an adult workers Union. I certainly haven’t grasped them, if their lack of reaction to your story is considered appropriate.

  3. MikeSouth

    honestly sabrina right now tyhe union(s)?: aare in such turmoil I didn’t really even think of them, but no they didn’t offer anything either. Im not saying that AHF are saints but I am saying that The FSC had an opportunity to at least step up…and didn’t. this of course comes as no surprise to me. The surprise was that AHF responded and how quickly. whatever people may think of Weinstein theres a lot of good guys at AHF.

  4. MikeSouth

    Samew reason I didnt write about the insurance…i think its a great idea…dont get me wrong but theres a lot of questions, like how much will it cost, compared to getting it on your own through who is underwriting it, etc. till those are answered theres not much I can say about it beyond I am glad that someone IS addressing it.

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