The adult industry is on a 4 day moratorium due to possible HIV exposure

The FSC is calling for a production hold after someone in the industry tested positive for HIV. I am told this person is for sure HIV positive, it is not a false positive. They are sure but I also hear this is a performer who doesn’t really shoot a lot but does do more than a few content trades and that is really where the major concern is.

This person whoever it may be has apparently done quite a few “trades” for his (or her) Many Vids store.

We are in a precautionary production hold – aka a moratorium. DO NOT DO CONTENT TRADES AT THIS TIME! Be smart. 

The FSC is gathering names both first and second generation. Actually, the FSC already has the first generation names and they have all been tested or will be probably by the end of the day.

They are now working on the second generation list which I am told includes both on and off set names.

This is where I give Eric from the FSC a lot of props. Unlike his predecessor at the FSC, he takes this shit serious and makes sure everyone involved gets tested, not just those who have filmed a scene in the last 30 days.  Eric Paul Leue, the new executive director of the FSC is working hard to get every name of every person that came in sexual contact with the person who tested positive gets tested and so does every person they had sex with.

If after gathering the second generation names they find there is no evidence of additional risk, as those names will be tested over the weekend, then everyone should be able to go back to work on Monday.

A moratorium is a big deal. It’s done for your safety. Please take this moratorium serious. Please film any scenes, professionally or even content trades during this time. Avoid sexual contact until we get further details of who may have been exposed either directly or indirectly.



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  1. joeschmoe

    Why don’t they name the person? This person may date , hook up in their private life, escort , etc…. more people deserve to know than just scene partners

  2. Kelli

    I know. I’ve always said the exact same thing but apparently, there is some law that prevents it and if you do you can get in serious legal trouble. It’s all about protecting the guy with HIV, even if that fucker is out there giving it to everyone. It’s not even a crime for him to do that. But if anyone dares to out the name of the patient zero they are fucked legally. Such such bullshit!

  3. Cosmo K.

    HPPA prevents putting the information out there. I wish more people could know who it is, but people tend to harass who it is or who they think it is. The good thing is that it wasn’t caught on set. Maybe this will be like the trans performer that got it last year. Hopefully this will be over quickly and production can go back to normal.

  4. joeschmoe

    I understand the fine line of releasing names, but if this guy was out fucking non industry people, they should know so they can stop having sex and get tested.

    This is different that Mr. Accountant who wants to protect his career and family. This is someone who is a sex performer and should be named as it is part of the career.

  5. Skeet Jizzle

    Question for YALL’S

    Has there EVER been a single documented case of a Straight porn HIV transmission from a set of straight porn ?

    Has there been a single HIV detection from an adult industry testing facility where that performer has not shot scenes, date or sexually mingles with Bi Sexuals or trannys ?

    Better question should be why is Chad White and Micheal Vegas not on everyone’s NO LIST who cares for themselves and others ?

    Just curious

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